As a child, I have always longed for a beautiful house as that of great celebrities with big lush green gardens, two to three bungalows, five to six luxury cars and a lavish lifestyle. But everyone does not get everything.

Thanks to the amazing DIY projects nowadays that have helped a lot of us in digging our brains and using our minds in creating similar décor as that of celebrities. These DIY projects prevent us from spending lavish amounts on making the home decor look extraordinary and beautiful. With just a few household items and some extra effort, we can create a masterpiece.

I am excited to share with some of the most creative DIY ideas along with their step by step tutorial to create a masterpiece for your home.

1.  Rustic holder

My mother is a creative lady and she has not left any corner of the house empty. When we shifted to Delhi, she was done with the monotonous looking kitchen and hence did not feel like making tasty food for us! And finally, she got an amazing idea of making rustic kitchen holder with just a little of my father’s help.

>Making this holder is super easy. It just requires a rake and a cardboard. With my dad’s help, we took the stubborn handle of the rake and then we fixed this rake on the cardboard. My sister and I painted the rake with a copper paint and voila creative art was ready!! It’s been years and this rake is still of the same quality which we are using it to hang lightweight kitchen utensils. Also, to make it look more attractive, we purchased some plastic material spatulas.

2. DIY jute rope

Creativity in my family is inherited from my mother. Another such form of a creative idea created by me and my sister is the jute rope sign. This is a unique style of art which is a little messy but looks beautiful when done perfectly.

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We painted the desired sized board in a silvery grey and give it a whitewash. Once dry, we covered it with a parchment paper. My sister used a black sharp marker to write our favourite word in cursive style on the parchment paper.

Now comes the messy part. You need a mixture of a 1/4th cup of cornstarch, 3 tablespoons of water and 1 bottle of wood glue. Mix the water and cornstarch to form a paste and then add the complete glue bottle. Dip the entire rope in the mixture and take it our part, ensure that the rope is not dripping with glue. Since this procedure is a lot messy, make sure to wear hand gloves. Use the rope to cover the letters on the parchment paper. Once done, place some heavy objects on the rope till the time glue is dry and hard.

Use a hanging holder to hang in on the favourite side of your wall.

3. Tree Stump Vase

My friend stays in Scotland and this is what she has done with the tree logs of her gardens. She has created a beautiful

Take a small log of approximately 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Draw a circle on the edge of the log and drill it carefully so that the jar is completely immersed in the log. Fit in the jar and fill in partially with water and put in your favourite colour of flowers inside it. These beautiful can also be used to gift your relatives or friends and will leave a long-lasting impact on them.

4. Wood Art

This piece of art I saw at my friend’s place and was amazed to see the creative people around you. If you love colouring, then this time chose to colour the left-over wood pieces at your home. Some colourful spray paints will work well. Next, take a newspaper and cut it in a heart shape. Trace this design on a piece of wood. Now you need an axe and an expert at your home to cut the wood.

The heart is a round figure and hence don’t worry if you need to cut in three to four pieces. Once done, combine all the pieces and place them on the coloured wood. Use fine nails to attach the pieces together and paint them with white and use a sandpaper to smoothen out the surface. Hang the masterpiece anywhere on the wall.

5. Wooden Tray

Creativity works best when created at home. one such idea I want to recommend you guys personally. Most of us are coffee or tea lovers and have had always longed for a separate coffee section in our kitchen. You can make it now! All you need is a wooden plank and any of your favourite colour paint. Make a broad base for the tray and cut the plank in the size of the tray you want.

Next, cut two pairs of wooden pieces, two for fixing on the longer side and the other two on the shorter side of the plank. Screw all the parts together and paint them with the white acrylic paint and if you want you can give a final finish with a coat of oil paint. Your beautiful private coffee tray is ready!

6. Jar wall decor

This art piece we have placed in our living rooms. You need an elder person in your family who is good in using power tools. This wall decor can be used as a night lamp and as hanging flower vase. You would require big size wooden planks, mason jars and a drilling machine.

Carefully drill holes on the wooden plank and fix the mason jar. Now, either fill the jars with your favourite flowers or decorate them with LED lights. Once done, hang them in your living area and then see the transforming effect!

7. Wooden box centrepiece

This piece of the art form was created by my dad. We keep this piece at the centre of our garden table. It is easy to make and long lasting. We used three different styled wooden pieces and attached them with the help of drilling machines and a clamp. Take three wood pieces and drill each piece with four holes. Now use a clamp to attach these wooden pieces so that they are fixed together and looks like an open cuboid.

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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