Small Brass Bowl for Kumkum Tilak

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Kumkum Tilak Bowl Made of Brass

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Buy Vintage Bowl Online In India

The brass and copper bowls are making a comeback, and that too for the best. The tried and tested metals that once formed the essential part of the Indian kitchen area today regaining their lost popularity and grabbing the new generation's attention. Each of these bowls is imbibed with layers of stories and brings out the extensive craftsmanship and designs that are painfully inculcated into the development process. These old utensils further carry with them threads of family history and ancient wisdom as these were once the core part of the wedding trousseau.

Irrespective of its prestigious history, each of the Vintage Bowl that you buy will bring in a tinge of nostalgia and take you to the stories of Indians of the bygone era.

Why are the Vintage Bowls making a comeback?

Brass (also called pital) is an alloy of copper and zinc that helps to retain a large part of the cooked and served nutrients. Eating food from the Vintage Brass Bowl means better immunity and strength. What's more, the brass negates the alkalinity of the food. It makes it safe, aromatic, and healthy for your whole family. By investing in brass and copper utensils, you can carry the ancestors' legacy and help the upcoming generations connect with their roots and achieve the best health.

Not too long ago, brass and copper utensils formed an integral part of every Indian home and were designed by skilled craftsmen called Kalaigars. These rural artisans used their extensive experience and skills to craft the vessels and then gave them a light tin coating to make them suitable for cooking. However, the dwindling demand for these bowls meant that the craftsmanship was lost with time. The influx of aluminium metal that was easy to use and clean made these elaborately decorated bowls outdated. Many of these vintage items gathered dust and neglect as their owners thought the latest metals were much more practical.

However, with our extensive and tastefully curated Vintage Bowl collection, you can bring the ancient times back and help your guests experience luxury and royal dining experience. Many of the nation's top restaurants are also realizing the beauty of these metal crafts and have revived these with a motive of carrying the traditional for the future.

These metals have been in use for numerous years and bring ancient Indian wisdom, sustainability, and durability. These are one of the most practical and sustainable products available in the market today. What's more, the food that you put in the Vintage Bowl tastes entirely different from a traditional one. These bowls offer natural micronutrients and infusions that help make your food more nutritious, wholesome, and finger-licking.

What makes our collection of Vintage Bowls the Best in the Nation?

Brass was one of the most extensively used metals by our ancestors. The same carries huge similarity with copper, yet there are slight dissimilarities as well. The copper infuses the healthiest nutrition into the liquids stored in it, yet these are not practical for cooking and boiling. Brass uses both copper and zinc and achieves its stunning shades like red and yellow. The item has been extensively used in decoration and pooja items.

Since brass is considered pure, the food and drinks stored inside these can help boost your immunity by using principles of natural detoxification. As a result, you can also attain the best health and wellness regimen by merely shifting to these Vintage Bowls instead of the modern dining options. Since these are designed using traditional ancient wisdom, the Vintage Bowl will rarely gather rust.

Elements like copper and brass are way more safe and ideal when compared to plastics and polymers. These also help to control the burning sensation in the body and control aggressive behaviour. It also helps to increase the hemoglobin count while improving the condition of the skin.

The copper and brass Vintage Bowl easily reacts to salt and acidic foods, especially when heated. As a result, you can retain the original nutrition of the food that you eat. It helps to give you an added edge over other variants used for dining and serving.

Since brass is considered extremely auspicious, the Vintage Bowl sold by us can be used to work as a planter. When placed on the entry of your home, these can instantly lighten up the house's mood. It creates a positive impact on your home decor and makes it appear more welcoming and elegant. Furthermore, brass products are scientifically validated to enhance the fragrance of the flowers, especially when infused with water.

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