Thangka Painting Of Parnashavari

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Thangka Painting Of Life Of Buddha

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Buddha Mandala Thangka Painting

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Mandala Tibetan Thangka Painting

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Thangka Panting of Six Arm Mahakala

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The Magnificense of Thangka Paintings

Many homeowners and commercial property owners love decorating their walls using magnificent paintings. Various paintings are available in the market, but it is always better to choose artwork depending on the theme followed in space. Thangka paintings will look beautiful and impressive on your walls if you have decorated your home or office in traditional style.

Thangka Paintings- Beauty Come Alive

Thangka paintings are very famous and traditional Buddhist canvas paintings that bring any space alive with their rich colours and intricate designs. Brilliant natural and gold colours are used to bring Buddhist scenes, deities, or mandalas alive with their beauty.

These paintings are small in size, mostly 20-50 cm in rectangular or square shape. Several feet long paintings are usually used to grace the walls in commercial buildings, but small-sized paintings look perfectly apt for homes.

If you see these paintings closely, you will see a montage of scenes with different images of Gods, scenes of religious festivals, historical events, lamas, myths, mythologies, and more. These thangka paintings form the most interesting centerpieces in worshippers and meditation rituals.

Thangka Paintings and Its Different Techniques

If you are a keen buyer of Thangka painting, you must know that these paintings differ based on the materials and techniques used. There are two broad categories of paintings: silk and painted, also known as palas.

Palas. Palas is beautiful illustrative paintings of deities. This type of painting is very common in Thangka painting. It can be of different types, depicting- wrathful deities, peaceful deities, mandalas, and yidams. Painters painting this magnificent art form illustrate High Monk and Guru, Bodhisattva, Buddha, and Lamas. These paintings have amazing features and bring out the best qualities and attributes of Lord Buddha.

Some paintings also showcase wrathful deities, also referred to as protector deities. These deities protected Buddhism and removed hurdles to enlightenment like greed, anger, and ignorance. Another category of Thangka Paintings available is Yidams, a special deity. This deity help in recognising and awakening one’s nature. Lastly, we have mandalas, mystic diagrams that use complex designs in squares, circles, and text shapes with specific significance.

Adorn these stunning paintings on your walls, depicting historical and scripture like Buddha Life, Wheel of Life, Four Harmonious friends, etc.

Handcrafted Art

If you are a true art connoisseur, thangka paintings are perfectly meant for you. Skilled artisans use canvas to create these paintings. They start the process by preparing the canvas scrubbed and washed to ensure even tension in the cloth. It is then tied to a wooden or iron frame using cotton threads. The deity outline is drawn on the canvas using a pencil. The sketches of deity and mandalas figure that is drawn as per the Buddhist scriptures. The well-trained and skilled artists have in-depth religious knowledge, understanding, and background. It helps them in creating perfectly genuine and accurate Thangka paintings.

Owning a Thangka painting is a matter of pride. Explore these amazingly divine paintings and select one that is meant perfectly for your humble abode. The vibrant colours used in these paintings will bring vivaciousness and excitement to space, making it look livelier and interesting.