Handmade Brass Betel Nut Cutter

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Iron Betel Nut Cutter Or Sarota

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Used Iron Kacip Betel Nut Cutter

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Old Brass Areca Nut Cutter

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Old Iron Nut Cracker Or Sarota

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Using high-end Vintage Nut Crackers for your home

Our species has been consuming nuts for many years. These nuts are, however, not easily accessible, considering their hard exteriors. It is why humans decided to choose to create these tools like this to help crack open the nuts. What's more, the archaeological sites also show a large number of pitted stone and shells. The most primitive of these sites- Olduvai Gorge is 2.6 million years old. Surely, the development of these tools is an important step in the development of man.

The sophisticated metal Vintage Nut Crackers

There is something extremely special and soothing about the best Vintage Nut Crackers. These vintage products sit well in the hands and carry ergonomic designs. It makes it an excellent choice when you wish to slice through the nuts easily. The years of the manufacturing process do not take a toll on the product or its effectiveness. You will be amazed to see the extensive display of nutcrackers available at our store in various shapes and sizes.

Although we can use local contraptions like stone hammers, less-sophisticated tools like stones, etc., to crack open a nut yet, at some point, our ancestors may have realized the importance of moving away from the traditional way of assaulting and cracking the nuts. There are two major problems associated with the matter - these are hard to control and can easily crack down on the internal kernels. Also, these tools are brittle and thus needed to be replaced often.

Hence, our ancestors developed the first Vintage Nut Crackers made from wood or metal. These consisted of two parts that were held together using a hinge. With little pressure, these could be controlled, and the same left the kernel intact. It was later replaced by more sophisticated versions that made use of technology to give you the perfect results.

Growth and popularity of the Vintage Nut Crackers

The Vintage Nut Crackers have been around for a long time. Aristotle is believed to have owned a lever-type version even in 330 BCE! Similarly, a nutcracker belonging to 3-4 century BCE is displayed at a museum in Italy. The latter is one of the oldest known versions of nutcrackers available in the world.

As demand grew, the need to crack bigger nuts was felt. The biggest version of the nutcracker was made in Germany in 2008! It is 10.1 meters in height and resembles a three-story building. Even though it is meant to be functional yet it is more of a display piece.

In India, the Vintage Nut Crackers were designed from high-quality materials like brass last 700 years ago. However, the use of these nutcrackers was limited as we often use groundnuts, almonds, cashew, etc., to crack open these nuts. Yet, areca and similar hard nuts can require the use of nutcrackers. Also, nutcrackers and nut cutters were the two essential tools used to handle these hard nuts.

Why were Vintage Nut Crackers popular?

One of the prime reasons for the Vintage Nut Crackers to become popular was using these as an accessory for chewing paan (betel leaves). Although paan chewing dates back to Vedic times yet the nutcrackers came at later stages. Since betel nuts are the core part of the paan, this areca nut needs to be cracked down. It is why the use of nut cutters and nutcrackers grew extremely in the last hundred years.

Slowly, these tools became the core part of the human lifestyle, and it is observed that in Bengal, a small ornamental version of these Vintage Nut Crackers is carried by the groom and then used to apply sindoor to the girl's head. These tools called Jatahs represent nut cutters in design and carry intricate patterns and carvings using expensive metals like silver and brass. Hence, these become the core part of Indian tradition and are a good collectible.

These can have motifs ranging from animals, birds, flowers, creepers, etc. The Vintage Nut Crackers from the towns like Jamnagar, Anjar, etc., were highly sought-after due to their ornate designs. These vintage beauties can be flaunted as an object of personal taste, collectibles, or fashion from the bygone era.

The mainstream use of these nutcrackers is limited, yet these look amazing when displayed in your home as living room decor. Since these nutcrackers are no longer manufactured mainstream, our team curates the best ones from all over the nation and gives them a makeover to bring the best product for your home decor. You can amp up your Vintage decor and leave a lasting impression or gift it to a loved one on a wedding or anniversary by adding these.