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Old Engraved Metal Ash Tray

  • ₹ 600.00
  • 1 In Stock

Tribal Brass Ashtray Dhokra  Art

  • ₹ 3,300.00
  • 1 In Stock

Brass Tibetan Deity Ash Tray

  • ₹ 2,400.00
  • 1 In Stock

Brass Elephant Dhokra Ashtray

  • ₹ 750.00
  • 1 In Stock

Dhokra Brass Ashtray

  • ₹ 2,350.00
  • 1 In Stock

Shell Make Into The Ashtray

  • ₹ 2,350.00
  • 1 In Stock

Bronze Circular Bronze Ashtray

  • ₹ 1,300.00
  • 1 In Stock

Bronze Mango Shaped Ashtray

  • ₹ 1,625.00
  • 2 In Stock

Bronze Fish Shaped Ashtray

  • ₹ 1,950.00
  • 1 In Stock

Bronze Tribal Hamster Ashtray

  • ₹ 975.00
  • 1 In Stock


If you are searching for ashtrays and looking to Buy Ashtray Online at Low Prices in India, we have an exquisite collection of ashtrays that will maintain tidiness in homes.

Parties, once in a while, are great fun; they can be a great stress buster and mood uplifter. When we meet friends, succeed, and have special occasions, parties are a sure-shot way to express joy and friendships. Parties can be an excellent way to celebrate friendship, affinity and festivals. Apart from all the fun and joy, parties can also be messy and painful while cleaning and keeping things in order. The overnight untidiness, mess and buds look ugly and unhygienic after the party. But not anymore; we present you stunning pieces of art, i.e. Ashtray, that will improve the utility of houses. What's new?; we have heard about and utilised ashtrays during parties and celebrations; this thought must be circulating in your mind. But trust us; we bring you a range of ashtrays that are unique and special from other ashtrays you have used or seen on the internet.

Reasons to choose our Ashtrays

  • These brass ashtrays are poles apart from regular ashtrays and made from premium brass metal. Brass is moulded and converted into a fine specimen of elegant and graceful ashtrays.
  • The design and aesthetics of ashtrays are available in ample amounts. Cool ashtrays at IndianShelf have a labyrinth of structures that makes them stand out and beautiful. These ashtrays include metal ashtrays, old kadas style, animal shapes and figurines.
  • Act as a home decorative piece, These items can be a magnificent way of decoring office tables, console tables and coffee tables that will support royalty and class of the house. You can check out jail design ashtrays or soldier design ashtrays to supplement the persona of your home.

Apart from beauty and specification, these ashtrays are designed and manufactured using quality standards and are free from deformities giving a complete and polished finish.

So, do not abstain, hold back while shopping for these ashtrays from IndianShelf, and increase the stock for decoration and utility.