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Kashmiri art for your entire home decor needs and goals

Kashmir's craft and culture are all about natural elements, the local environment, and the creativity of the artisans. The arts and crafts from the state have earned a huge fan following and fame not only inside the country but also outside the same.

The influence behind Kashmiri art and craft

Experts believe that Kashmiri art is attributed to historical conditions and requirements that shaped the cultural aspect of the locals. As a result, they have honed their skills over some time.

The art form is passed on through generations and ages, whereby you can choose from intricate detailing on small items to big ones. The life pattern of the Kashmiri people has undergone variations.

They have been exposed to a milieu of cultures and civilizations. It helps to reflect biodiversity and rich diversity that has impacted the facets of its social fabric. As a result, the art is translated into beautiful shawls, carpets, stylish doors, wood carvings, paper-mache, etc.

Tools and techniques adopted

Kashmiri craft uses special tools and techniques to offer unique products and accessories. The common tools used include -

  • • Chisel or Wathlavun
  • • L-angles or Khari hat
  • • Wooden scale or Khat Chhal
  • • Measuring tapes or Phet Gaz
  • • Planer or Randha

The cottage industry is vast and supplies objects ranging from - tables, chairs, dining tables, doors, writing desks, etc. Similarly, personal use items like cigars, jewellery boxes, frames, cigarette boxes, etc., are also in huge demand from international markets.

The products derive from Mughal-style decor, and as a result, one gets to enjoy stunning yet intricate detailing on doors, panels, walls, and windows.

Kashmiri Wooden crafts and doorknobs

In Kashmir, wooden decor items, crafted wooden products, etc., are used. These carry intricate detailing and designs that make these products expensive and worthwhile investments.

Furniture items, wall hangings, Kashmiri knobs, screens, dividers, fruit bowls, serving trays, etc., form the part of extensive offerings from the place. One can find motifs on wooden artefacts inspired by nature, wines, lotus, etc. Knobs are also available in geometric patterns designed on wood, either as carvings, etc.

These knobs are truly a piece of art, and each of these intricate patterns is tough to create, which raises their costs. Walnut wood products from the store carry sheen on the surfaces that make it easy to polish with wax or lacquer.

Since the process is extremely time-consuming and delicate, these knobs are worth every penny invested. These ornamental techniques help to add an incomparable charm and beauty.

Advantages of investing in doorknobs

When it comes to picking door or cabinet décor, knobs can help to add a personal charm and appeal. Often people invest in their furniture and forget all about the doorknobs and similar fixtures. However, even simple door knobs can add a significant style statement to your property, and with so many unique options available in Kashmiri knobs, it is easy to upgrade your home on a budget. You can also opt for reed designs, cut-work designs, etc.

These products can be fitted to approximately any door or style in terms of practicality. These can be available as ball, bun, or oval-shaped. As a result, these can be fitted on kitchen cupboards, living room cabinets, etc. These are also great options for statement homes, or pastel shaded cabinets that may dull the overall appeal of your room with its uniformity. Opting for door levers can be a poor idea as these get caught in loose clothing and result in tears.

Lever handles also need more maintenance over the lifetime, and these have springs with levers or horizontal positions that add to their complications. Also, these levers are tough to replace on your own and, as a result, need professional help to handle and maintain these. If not maintained, this droop and appear ugly.

Knobs are essential additions to every household, especially if you wish to add an edge to your décor. These Knobs are a massive attraction for households and help create a remarkable impression, especially when added to your kitchen, living room, Pooja room, and kids spaces. These are durable and offer a suitable drama to the décor ideas. These can be added to drawers, cupboards, almirahs, etc.

Choosing the best quality products is important to improve your household décor and style. Kashmiri art is the epitome of natural beauty, and these crafts help to promote artisans and augment the beauty of your home.