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This generation in which we are living is loaded with latest technologies and inventions. We all are surrounded by machines. And the process of the device keeps on going endlessly. However, there is no denying the fact this all began with little things and the fact that many things haven't changed yet. The glow of their significance has never faded so far, and one of them is Glass Bottles.

 It is a matter of the fact that Glass is one of the most ancient and precious inventions of all time. Also, its usage has elevated manifolds over time in the very same state.


Crunchin out History

Ancient men produced the very first glass bottle in around 100 BCE.  Ingredients were melted to make glass, and the clay forms were dipped into the molten liquid. On cooling down, clay is taken out leaving the hollow glass vessel.


Then American glass industry was built around the 1600s. And later the technology levelled up when the invention of the automatic glass bottle blowing the machine in 1880 industrialised the process of making bottles. It was a revolutionary change in the manufacturing process as it no longer included long working hours to make a bottle. Also, it was subjected to perfection.


Nowadays, Glass bottles are widely used all over the world owing to its countless benefits. Well, let's take a look at few of them.


The significance of Glass Bottles


Taste Keeper

Having something is entirely based on taste and flavour. There is no significance left if one finds no feeling in that. So, it becomes inevitable to maintain the feeling.


And it is doubtless to say that Glass Bottles preserve the taste and flavour of all liquids like milk, soft drinks, water and much longer than any other type of bottles. This is because the material is less likely to allow contents to mix with air or other possible chemicals. Even the Moisture is less likely to enter keeping it safe and maintaining its flavour. While plastic is eroded over time but glass bottles only, when physically broken, become contaminated. This protects the product and keeps consumers coming back for a taste that is more delicious.


Even 80 percent of the people are of the view that Glass bottles preserve the taste and maintain the quality. Since consumers are aware that glass is better for taste, they are more likely to keep buying the product in glass bottles.


Centre of Attraction

It is well-known fact that Glass Bottles have amazing visual appeal in attracting consumers at the very first sight. However, Plastic Bottles may have innovative design work on it but still, former ones present a sophisticated and classy look. Simple and sober, these bottles never get out of fashion and always remain in trend. Simplicity is the key that the consumers always look for while buying.


In addition to this, these bottles never present the confusing look, as the customers are fully aware of what they are getting. Attractive label along with the simple bottle styles make out the best combination, which is possible only with glass bottles


Safe & Healthy

Today, people are quite health conscious. They care about their health more than anything else does making themselves more alert and choosey while buying anything. Moreover, terrifying food contamination stories make them more conservative with their thoughts.


In addition, Glass has always been a safer choice for the products rather than plastic. There are high chances of contaminating the liquid through the plastic as it includes BPA element causing serious and harmful health consequences, which affects hormones level, brain and prostate function. While with glass, there is nothing to worry about chemicals and contaminants as it is purely made up of natural materials like sand, limestone and soda ash, which are harmless.


Actually, glass creates a high barrier between products and outside chemicals and make that fresh for the longer duration of time. While plastic can melt allowing the harmful chemicals enter in the product. Therefore, Glass is rather a healthier and safer choice.



Plastic Products get distorted when used over time while Glass being solid, stays the same. Plastic gets deformed as it bents inward from various sides causing a lot of inconvenience for the customers while scooping the last bit out. On the other hand, Glass never gets misshapen. It never bents or twists. In addition, it is very easy to get even the last sip.



One of the most obvious benefits is that the Glass can be used time and again and it is easily recyclable. In fact, it is the only product available having the endless recycling life. It only takes 30 days to recycle that and almost all the concerned companies favour that as they collect back the eco-friendly glass bottles and give them for recycling.


Moreover, customers can also reuse them as many times as they want. This is too a very normal tendency by the households. In addition, many creative people make the best use of them in designing and decorating them. And many competitions are held at different levels to encourage the use of discarded things more specifically glass.


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And so, there is no denying the fact that customers are enjoying using them artfully. Click away and find your choice of attractive decorative and functional glass bottles now.