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Ceramic Bulb Shape Knobs

Even the tiniest of elements can give a big transformation to a space. To add or not to add, this choice can alter the entire view in one look. Door knobs are that element.

While you put together the décor and arrangements of a room, missing, broken or off-styled knobs can make the entire preparation slip even if it’s just a drawer, just a dresser, just a cabinet or just a door. Knobs require as much attention as any other part of your décor as they are the ones that offer these last finishing touches.

This selection of bulb shape ceramic knobs at Indianshelf is brought to you so that you can add subtle hints of colour and bubbly bursts of attention in your home space, without compromising on the durability. Featuring bulb shaped and pear shaped knobs in your favourite colours, the style is just spot on.

In earlier days of knobs like these, craftsmen would make them using elaborate processes such as clay molding, slip casting, silica mixing, hardening and sintering. The knobs these days are also glazed and crystal coated in addition to these old age treatments. This results in a smooth glossy appearance and thick glassy strength, which makes the surface of these knobs slightly less porous. This means that the door knobs will flake less and scratch less as you bring them to use throughout the day.

Each of these ceramic bulb shape knobs comes in a variety of artsy designs and patterns. In addition to juicy colourful florals, there is a wide range of other beautiful patterns such as checkerboards and Arabesque designs. The additional white dot work you see will add dashes of drama and expression in any kitchen or living room. Choose from a variety of colours including chalkboard black, navy blue, peanut brown, creamy white, mustard yellow, lemon green and many more. Each knob includes mounting bolts polished in metal.


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