Glass Heart Knobs

During your school days, you might have eaten those gummy heart shaped jelly candies. Do you remember that on many such days, children would share these candies with each other and secretly wait for the return gift? Well, those days might be long gone. But memories do last forever. These cute glass heart knobs by Indianshelf will remind you of these childhood memories. 

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At the same time, talking of childhood doesn’t at all imply that using these knobs means going too childlike on your home décor. Engulfed in a trapezoidal spindle featuring silver and golden finishes, these knobs represent some of the most beautiful artistry which might remind you of old fashioned Victorian style guest houses.

In that era, while the most popular design patterns created from glasswork were teardrop, sandwich, diamond, octagonal, canterbury and hobnail, the heart shape is a modernized version of the same. So while they are a reminiscent of the school style, they absolutely fulfil the ramblings of a contemporary setting as well.

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Each of the knobs comes with a prismatic style jewelled front, durability of glass and timelessness. And of course, there are plenty of colour options to choose from namely baby pink, clear glass etc.

The watery look of these glass knobs reflects the appearance of little heart shaped crystals just like that of a bubble glass. These lovely glass hearts are perfect additions to your desk, dressing table, bedroom cupboards, even library.

Coming back to the childhood, by all means these heart knobs might not bring you a secret return gift from your friend, but they will readily share all those secrets that you might keep in your home’s drawers, cabinets and storage trunks!

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