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Metal Wall Bracket


Metal wall bracket

Though not so common but yet worldwide famous, one such functional category of art is the metal wall brackets. These brackets come up with intricate designs and structures and can be used to serve various useful purposes.

Since metal is a strong holding device, so is the quality of the bracket. They can be placed anywhere in your house. And when they come in beautiful designs and varieties, they look more appreciative.

Some of the uncommon varieties include wrought iron racks that add a unique style and add elegance to the area. Along with their stylish looks, they are the most practically used form of metal bracket as they are strong, have big space and can hold a huge amount of useful items.

The other category is of a small metal bracket that can be fixed at the corner of your door. These brackets do not serve any useful purpose but they literally add an ace to your door area that is otherwise left untouched.

They come in a variety of fluorescent colours and various designs. They can sometimes be small depending on the size or otherwise, they are big in size but they are created in such a sleek and a stylish style that they do not gross at all.

Both of the above varieties are provided by Indianshelf at really affordable prices. All the brackets are made u with aluminium hence there is no second question regarding the strength and quality of the brackets. The bigger ones are beautifully embroidered and crafted with unique patterns and the smaller ones are also not far behind.

The price range for the smaller ones start from as low as 250 INR and that of the larger ones start from 1500 INR. The wrought iron racks come with a price starting at 1800 INR along with the strong material and beautiful designs.