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Spice Boxes

Spice Boxes

Spice box is a crucial accessory in an Indian kitchen. While we are on the subject of the Indian kitchen, many people will agree that the aroma of Indian food is provided by none other than traditional Indian spices. You can keep the spices whole or grounded in these kitchen masala boxes.

They are beautiful wooden boxes with a ceramic finish and ceramic knobs to make it easier for you to access the drawers. The wood in these boxes ensures the purity and flavours of the spices are maintained. You can find many herbs in a kitchen, so according to the number of spices, you can choose from various categories of spice boxes accordingly. You can choose from one to ten and twelve, and sixteen drawers.

They are available in multicolour that would provide the pop-up in your otherwise standard kitchen. This eclectic piece is functional and will work as decoration in your home and kitchen.

But the functions of these boxes are not limited to the kitchen only. Other than the kitchen, there are a lot of areas where you can keep this beautiful product and put it to use. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, recreational room, or any other room.

You can put it into use by keeping art supplies, sewing supplies, jewellery and many other products as per your requirement.

Other than these beautiful multicolored chest of drawers, you will also find vintage Nandi wooden boxes also used for the same purpose of keeping spices. They bring in the traditional look add-on to the Indian theme of the house interiors. The chest of drawers is a beautiful artefact that can beautify the overall look of your entry if you place it on your console table in the foyer. Moreover, you can add a beautiful flower vase with some fresh flowers. Install specific ceramic hooks or hangers up to your liking, and you can hang a beautiful handmade macrame wall hanging on it to amplify the interior decor.