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Green Rexine Wire Knobs

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Cane Mesh Knobs

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Copper Round Hammer Flat Cabinet ...

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Red Rexine Wire Knobs

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Pink Rexine Wire Knobs

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Navy Blue Rexine Wire Knobs

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Purple Rexine Wire Knobs

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Aluminium Wire Knobs

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Antique Brass Wire Knobs

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Glass Bead Wire Knobs

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White Rexine Wire Knobs

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Wire Knobs

Door knobs are one of the tiniest interior accessories you require while decorating your house. The role a door knob plays in a home is to provide you ease while you open your cupboards, almirah, drawers, or cabinets. Door knobs come in all shapes and sizes, though Indianshelf ensures that each doorknob is well-crafted, rust-free, and durable to provide a long-lasting experience.

With no sharp edges, the door knobs on our website are safe for homes with kids.

Small things influence the world of interior design and home remodeling. The wire knob is one such element that has recently gained appeal. This understated yet attractive addition has the potential to improve the appearance of your furniture and living areas.

What are wire knobs?

Wire knobs, as the name indicates, are knobs formed of wire materials that provide a unique and modern alternative to regular knobs. These knobs, handcrafted with precision and an eye for style, have become a popular choice for people wishing to add a touch of contemporary to their furniture and settings.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Wire knobs are made using a careful technique that provides both endurance and visual appeal. High-quality metals, such as stainless steel or brass, are typically chosen, giving a solid base for the knob. The wire is then expertly twisted and curved to create a visually pleasing and helpful product.

Colors and Designs

The wide range of styles and colors available in wire knobs is one of the most exciting parts. There's a wire knob to match any type, from sleek and minimalist to detailed and ornate patterns. The color choice is similarly diverse, ranging from classic metallic finishes such as chrome and gold to colorful and fashionable hues such as matte black and rose gold.

Wire Knob Installation

Wire knobs are versatile accessories that may be used in a variety of applications. They are frequently seen in cabinets, drawers, and closets. Their aesthetic appeal, however, extends beyond furniture, making them appropriate for doors, closets, and even as ornamental accents on walls.

Characteristics of Wire Knobs

The contemporary and innovative design of wire knobs distinguishes them from their classic substitutes. The open and airy nature of wire knobs, as opposed to solid knobs, conveys a sensation of lightness and refinement. This design not only gives a contemporary flair to your furniture but also makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze.

Other Applications for Wire Knobs

While wire knobs are often linked with furniture, their adaptability allows for surprising creative applications. Consider utilizing them as curtain tiebacks, accessory hanging hooks, or even drawer knobs in different areas. For individuals who appreciate experimenting with design, the versatility of wire knobs offers up a world of possibilities.

Maintenance and Care

Wire knobs need little work to maintain their perfect appearance. A gentle cloth dusting once a week is generally enough to keep them looking their best. For more stubborn stains or fingerprints, use a mild soap and water solution and thoroughly dry the area. To protect the polish and integrity of the wire material, avoid using abrasive cleaners or strong chemicals.

Wire Knob Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Q. Is it possible to use wire knobs on any style of furniture?
    Yes, wire knobs are intended to complement a variety of furniture items, such as cabinets, drawers, and doors.
  • Q. Can I install wire knobs myself, or do I need expert assistance?
    Wire knobs are meant to be simple to install, and most people can do it with minimal equipment and instructions.
  • Q. Are there different sizes of wire knobs?
    Yes, wire knobs come in a variety of sizes to meet varied furniture measurements and design choices.
  • Q. Can you use wire knobs outside?
    While wire knobs are typically intended for indoor usage, they may be used outside if constructed of weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel.
  • Q. Is there a way to clean wire knobs specifically?
    Dusting regularly is typically adequate for upkeep. A mild soap and water solution can be used for deeper cleaning.
  • Q. Do wire knobs look good in modern or classic settings?
    Wire knobs are adaptable and may be used in both modern and classic design schemes, providing a touch of modernism or a hint of refinement, depending on the design.
  • Q. Can wire knobs be personalized?
    Some manufacturers provide customization choices, allowing consumers to select exact designs, sizes, and finishes to meet their needs.
  • Q. Are wire knobs safe for children?
    There are no little bits that might constitute a choking hazard; the open form of wire knobs makes them a safer alternative than traditional knobs.

Why should you buy from our website?

  • We provide all kinds of variety.

    Choices of door knobs range from ceramic, glass, stone, wooden, metal, leather, resin, wire, and more. The options are endless though the quality remains constant.

  • Durable and long-lasting

    Regarding the quality prospect of door knobs, we provide durable and rust-free knobs that last longer than other knobs. They are a perfect fit in kids’ areas as they are smooth and have no sharp edges.

  • Affordable prices

    You can find door knobs on our website for nominal prices. They are budget-friendly, where the starting price of door knobs is Rs. 50.

Wire Door Knobs

The wire door knobs are available in different materials. It comes in metal, copper, aluminium, and brass. To create a statement look, you can follow the following styling tips:

  • Use it for your living room cabinets to elevate the look of your interiors.
  • Once fixed on your jewellery cabinet, it will provide a royal look. Also, you can create a style quotient by choosing from available colours like Red, pink, white, blue, purple, and green.
  • The cane wire knob is one of a kind. It is a perfect fit for your trendy boho vibes. It will complement the entire boho look if used in a room with Cane or Bamboo furniture.
  • If you are searching for a door knob in a professional working space, you can choose a glass bead knob.

ire door knobs are elegant and have a tint of sophistication. They are as unique as they seem and flexible enough to be paired with different interior themes and styles.

Wire knobs are more than simply valuable additions; they are design statements that may completely change the appearance and feel of your living spaces. Wire knobs have earned their place in the world of contemporary interior design due to their inventive designs, simplicity of installation, and adaptability. Wire knobs provide a fashionable option that goes above and beyond the conventional, whether you're updating your furniture or seeking distinctive embellishments.