Eight Drawers Spice Box

Are you that friend in the group being pointed out for being messy? We understand that some days are hard when you want to keep everything aside in one corner and make enough space to sleep in. Most Indian households have that one chair, couch, or table that is always hidden under a pile of clothes or some products. No matter how hard you try, do you still end up living in chaos? Decluttering has always been challenging, but at IndianShelf, we help you provide effective and efficient products that help you tidy up your place and increase your organisational skills while decorating your house. One of the many products you can find on our website is the chest of drawers or spice boxes. They are available with different numbers of drawers from one to ten, twelve, and sixteen. While choosing a chest of drawers, look at your requirement, i.e., the number of products you would like to keep.

The eight drawers spice rack is suitable for many purposes.

  • You can keep it in the kitchen and add spices to these drawers. They are wooden, so they will not alter the flavours of spices.
  • Place it on your dressing table, and you have an astonishing jewellery box for your earrings, studs, hairclips, and trinkets.
  • If you love art and craft, you can use this chest of drawers to keep your DIY products like beads, mirrors, pearls, shells, coins, pom-poms, etc.
  • It can be a one-of-a-kind sewing kit for you, as you can keep threads, needles, buttons, ghungroo bells, hooks, etc., in them.
  • You can also keep it on hotel receptions, schools, and playschools and fill these drawers with some sweets and candies for offering to people and children.
  • Place it on your console table for people to admire its elegant beauty, and you can set aside a flower pot, vase, or cloisonne with some fresh flowers.

You can use these eight drawers’ spice racks in multiple ways. The wooden chest of the drawer comes with ceramic knobs that make it easier to pull the drawers and gives a good grip for holding.