Red White Dot Ceramic Knob

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Navy Blue White Polka Dot Knob

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Golden Dot Ceramic Drawer Knob

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Blue Owl Flat Kids Knob

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Lemon Yellow White Dot Knob

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Pink White Polka Round Knob

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Light Green Dotted Ceramic Knob

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Sky Blue Dotted Ceramic Knob

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Purple White Dotted Round Knob

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White Light Grey Ceramic Knob

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Pink Small White Ceramic Knob

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Ceramic Dotted Knobs

Polka dots. This swirly dotty texture reminds of the old fashioned street design and brings in the vibes of vintage era. This pattern of teeny weeny dots swimming in a sea of colours is also a reminiscent of antique German style ceramics.

While ceramic knobs originally gained fame from France and England, the ceramic hardware containing polka dots originated from the artistry of Germany. Coming to India, this dotted ceramic style is widely used among households and creative organizations today.

Made with ceramic, the potter’s clay, this collection by Indianshelf features ceramic dotted knobs in round, star and melon shapes along with complimentary designs of different varieties.

Some are flat in the front knob surface while some come with carved faceplates finished in metallic polishes. Some of these Door knobs also contain pearl beads embellished at the center of the faceplate which adds a beautiful icing on the cake.

Also known as China knobs, these ceramic dotted knobs are perfect for a girl’s or woman’s room. Saying this, they are also well suited for nearly any kind of décor setting.

Given their perfectly glazed surface and smooth melted finish, these little beauties will look even prettier on your wooden cabinets, bedside drawers or kitchen shelves. Even more so, if you would like to experiment with some decorations, they will also look pretty good as curtain tie ends, tea towel knobs or jewellery holders.

Pick your favourite colour from a wide assortment of lollipop style shades.  

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