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Kali worship in India is prevalent and celebrated all across the country with great enthusiasm and devotion. There are a lot of stories by tribal folklore regarding the origins of Goddess Kali. The name Kali first appeared in the Atharva Veda in the year 1200 BCE and 1000 BCE. The general conception about Goddess Kali is about a Devi with a fierce black tongue and is believed to be belonging to Agni, the God of Fire. Later in some ancient scriptures, Kali was also described as an individual where she appeared in Devimahatmya in the 600 CE. In this mention, she is shown as a battlefield goddess who personified Devi Durga’s wrath. In such depiction, she appears black coloured, a frightening and skeletal, carrying a khatvanga, wearing animal skins, and the entire tribal shamans. 

As per the famous Linga Purana Lord Shiva asked his consort Goddess Parvati to fight and defeat the demon Daruka. It was said that Daruka could be killed only by a female.

Parvati merged her energies with Lord Shiva and reappeared as Goddess Kali. She killed the demon, but her blood lust became uncontrollable. Finally, Lord Shiva decided to intervene and calm her down. He came in Goddess Kali’s path and laid down in front of her. As soon as she placed her right foot on his chest in anger, she calmed down immediately. As per some other Puranas, Lord Shiva himself called Goddess Kali as the black one.

Today, the Goddess Kali statue is placed in temples and homes as a decoration purpose. Her unique look and appearance make the sculpture look very appealing and at the same time intriguing. Many online and offline stores keep Kali statues in different designs, styles, patterns, that looks attractive and magnificent. If planning to buy a figure, check out its quality and appearance and then decide the place where you would like to place it. In most of the cases, people put statues in such a position that it single-handedly creates a focal point that impresses everyone with its details.

With technological advancements, it is more comfortable and convenient to buy kali statue online at reputed stores. Look for a store that deals explicitly in high-end handicraft products and has an extensive range of high-quality products.

In India as well as many other countries where Indians reside, Goddess Kali is worshipped with immense enthusiasm and devotion. The rituals of prayers and worship for Goddess Kali usually takes place in the night amidst drumbeats, conch shell sounds, vermillion, red hibiscus flowers and more. Ladies and gents wear their fineries and visit the pandals where massive clay sculptures of Goddess Kali are worshipped with great devotion. 

Even today, Kali is celebrated as the Goddess of Preservation, and her role to destroy wrongdoers is still remembered. She is seen in her ferocious avatar with heads of killed demons hanging in her neck, lolling tongue, red eyes, a weapon in each of her ten arms, and her ride on the lion. When looking to buy a kali statue for your home, look for her different manifestations and make a suitable choice.


The dark or black appearance of Goddess Kali represents the death and darkness from which everything is born. Her complexion is as dark as the darkest night. Since Goddess Kali is also worshipped as the preserver of nature, she is also called as the Goddess of Preservation. She is also known as Chaturbhuja Kali, Kaushika, and Chinnamasta. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word that means black, and it refers to one who is black. She is the avatar of Goddess Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva who is also known as one who is fair. Thus, Goddess Kali is the darker avatar of Goddess Kali, which she takes up as her ferocious look on the battlefield.

In many pictures, we have seen Goddess Kali standing on Lord Shiva. The pictures show her standing with her right foot on the chest of Lord Shiva. This picture represented a story when Goddess Kali’s anger knew no bounds, and she was fierce on the battlefield that stopping her from more carnage seems to be complicated. To stop her from further slaughter, Lord Shiva decided to intervene This, and he did by lying down in front of her in her path. In her anger, Goddess Kali did not look down and kept her right foot on Lord Shiva’s chest. As soon as she did so, she suddenly realized her mistake and calmed down.

As per the mythology, Goddess Kali’s tongue is seen lolling out is domestic. After she killed demon Daruka, Goddess drank his blood. He transformed into a handsome man and lay down in her path. As soon as Goddess Kali stepped on him, she got embarrassed and took out her tongue. Also, she stopped right there, killing demons and returned to her standard avatar. Her tongue out is her embarrassment on having stepped on the man lying down in her path. Asper other stories, when Goddess Kali killed other demons, she lapped up their blood and sucked out until the monster died. Her anger was so uncontrollable that her tongue seems to loll out.

Kali Puja is celebrated with great pomp and show all across the country. The puja of Goddess Kali is done to seek her help in destroying evil and get her blessings for peace, health, wealth, prosperity, and general happiness. The Kali Pooja rituals take plays in the night where red hibiscus flowers are used by the devotees to perform the pooja. It is believed that praying to Goddess Kali brings a lot of luck, joy, and happiness in the lives of the devotees. She is celebrated during Navratri with a lot of pomp and show. Her clay sculptures are placed in the pandals and lentils, rice, sweets, and flowers are used to worship her amidst drumbeats.

Goddess Kali is also referred to as the Goddess of death, doomsday, and time. She is closely associated with violence and her ferocious avatar on the battlefield. She is also a symbol of motherly-love and is celebrated as a strong mother figure. Also referred to as “She who is death” or “She who is black”, Goddess Kali is the feminine form of the Sanskrit Kala. This Hindu Goddess is known for her fierce look with heads in her neck, a lolling tongue, red eyes, ten arms with a weapon in each component and riding on a lion. She is responsible for killing Mahishasura and many other demons and get the Earth rid of these demons and their misdeeds.

Kali Mata is believed to have been born from the forehead of Goddess Parvati or Gauri. When Mata Gauri became very angry at the misdeeds of demons and wrongdoers, Goddess Kali emerged from her forehead as a result of her uncontrolled anger. As she came into her ferocious avatar, she went on a rampage to kill the demons. Her wrath on the battlefield was so much that Lord Shiva had to intervene to stop her finally. He did this by lying down in front of her. When Goddess Kali stepped on him in her anger, she suddenly realized her mistake and calmed down. She is known for her fierce avatar with heads of demons hanging in her neck and a lolling tongue.

Goddess Durga is also referred to as a warrior Goddess. She is believed to have killed asuras. Similarly, Goddess Kali is also known for her power to destroy wrongdoers and asuras transcending death. Both Goddess Kali and Durga stayed in their domestic ambit and were celebrated as mother figures. As per mythology, when Goddess Durga became very angry at the misdeeds of the asuras, Goddess Kali was born from her forehead. Goddess Kali went on a destructive rampage killing demons and asuras. She shed her fair skin and took on the fierce avatar of Kali, and as such, she is also referred to as Kaushika or the Sheath. Thus, Goddess Kali is an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Yes, Devi Kali and Devi Parvati are the same. Goddess Kali is believed to be the embodiment of creativity, feminine energy, and fertility. She is considered as Goddess Parvati’s incarnation, the consort of Lord Shiva. She came into being from the anger of Goddess Parvati and fiercely fought with the demons like Mahishasura. Her anger was so much that her wrath on the battlefield was unstoppable. She is represented in her ten-arms avatar with the weapon in each hand and riding a lion. It is believed that she was stopped from her carnage only after the intervention of Lord Shiva. He laid down in front of her, and when Goddess Kali stepped on him, she suddenly calmed down and retreated to her clear manifestation again.

Goddess Durga or Kali was born from the combined Shaktis or energies of devas. Devi Kali is also referred to as the Chinnamasta, Chaturbhuja Kali, and Kaushika. She is considered as Goddess Parvati’s avatar. The story of her birth goes as follows. Goddess Durga is bestowed with ten hands, and she carries a weapon in each arm. She rides on a tiger, goes a battle and had a fierce with Mahishasura or the buffalo demon. During the course of the fight, Goddess got so angry, and this mad manifested itself from her forehead in the form of Goddess Kali. Goddess ate up all the demons, and a garland of heads of these demons can be seen in her neck. She is known to have punished all the wrongdoers and demons and was unstoppable in her attacks. She stopped only after the intervention of Lord Shiva.