A Spice-See Treat To Your Kitchen

Spice, if put into something, makes it, even more, spicier by enhancing its flavour; be it in cooking, a news piece or in gossip. Take for example a simple interview of a great personality, especially belonging to the film industry. The responses given by the person might not be very absorbing and interesting. To make them enticing, the interview is made spicier by inundating it with all sorts of rumours thus, rendering the readers intrigued. Similar is the case with cooking.

The right mixture and seasoning of spices make any dish delectable and worth devouring. You must have heard the maxim ‘variety is the spice of life’. Its connotation is, exciting and new experiences make life more fascinating. Had life be going in the usual motion, it would become very tedious and repetitive. Nothing would excite us anymore.

Therefore, to keep that fun element alive in our life, we should engage ourselves in whatever uplifts our mood, be it following our passion or participating in some sort of an adventure. Indianshelf presents some beautiful and attractive spice boxes for you to keep the spices, of course, the tangible ones used in cooking, in an organised way.


A spice box is typically a container, either steel or plastic, with several small bowl holders, each filled with different spices. The sole purpose of this spice box is to release us from the frantic search of the various spices to be put into a dish, by giving us the liberty of finding our requisites from a single lidded container.

The key to mastering the desired taste and flavour lies in the addition of powdered spices. They, with their nice aroma, enrich the dishes prepared, thereby making them very scrumptious and appetizing. You must have also seen in various cookery shows that how the chefs keep the spices systematically arranged in a fitting manner. Just visualize once what it would be like if we had to scramble every minute to get our required material! This way, all our energy would be drained out and there won’t be the same enthusiasm left in us with which we had started. Furthermore, the broad smile that was flashing on our face initially would get faded eventually with a repeated succession of these frenzied movements.

The spice box comes with a substantial importance and is the most prized possession of every housewife. The idea is to fill up the small bowls within the round container and when on the brink of coming to an end, would be again refilled with fresh ground spices. In today’s world, with everything accessible over the internet, this kitchen essential is also not far away. An eclectic range of spice boxes is available today with a plethora of designs, shapes, sizes, carvings etc. from where now you can also grab one and make the cooking procedure even more easier. Open a single box and lo! all that you need is right there gazing at you.

Varieties of Spice Boxes

Spice boxes are available in a host of drawers ranging from a singular piece to as many as sixteen drawers together. For those that come alone can be used for keeping everyday stuff which has become almost a part and parcel of our life, such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc. Even though there are much better versions of these single-drawer boxes available in the market, in terms of both size and shape, still you can try it out from the shopping portals if you want. This one-drawer spice box is one such box available. As you can see that it is already labelled as ‘Tea’, you can keep the tea leaves in this small, beautiful one-drawer container. The outer part of this box is made up of a wooden frame and the drawer has been created with ceramic. The box is made up of natural wood does not affect the purity of what is kept inside it.

After the one-drawer segment comes to the category with two-drawers. This also is similar to the singular drawer container where you would be able to keep only two kinds of spices. For example, take this masala rack, a two-drawer spice box. You can opt for other varieties of shapes and colours.

Four drawers, six-drawer, eight-drawer, ten-drawer are the most efficacious spice-holders as you can put in several spices together in them. Unlike the archetypal round-shaped container, these spice boxes are much more attractive with different designs etched on them. They give forth plenty of eagerness and excitement, as a result of which, cooking no longer remains a tedious job. These spice boxes with their vibrant hues tempt us to step into the kitchen, and prepare the mouth-watering and your favourite Paneer makhani without having to hook into the entire kitchen to find one spice.

For cookery lovers, there is this sixteen-drawer spice box, the largest box with sixteen small containers. It is sure to attract any housewife’s attention who loves to prepare toothsome recipes for her family.

Anything done with love gets even more magnified, even grander. Then why not cooking? Just pour in all your heart and soul into whatever dish you prepare and see the result for yourself. And not just cooking. If we strive to get the best outcome, then surely, we can. The only requisites of success are diligence, perseverance and hard work. Mix in these three and there you are! No impediments can stop you ever from achieving your goal. And yes, do not forget to add in a little bit of spice!

Posted By : Neha Bhatiya

Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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