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Silver Rings

Style is indeed an incredible way to unleash one's personality, with a quality to impress and express at once. It is not easy to build an individual style whatsoever. To do so, it is imperative to understand yourself thoroughly, your mindset about life, your choices, your taste, and your holistic comprehension of dressing up. Though it seems like a superficial task for many, and they may ignore concepts of making impressions, cognitive science, however, confirms, the visual aspect of a first meet contributes to the final perception of the parties meeting. While bleak and shabby attire can take people's eyes away from you quickly, a chic and bold one can make you the center of attention in a room. Hence, recognizing a style becomes a necessity if you want to make yourself presentable and conquer hearts.

Now, the question may arise, why are accessories of equal importance to clothing when it comes to presenting a style? Fashion is an integral part of a style, and accessories are the right epithets to define your stylistic character altogether. And if your style echoes sophistication with a rare touch of ethnicity, silver jewelry is the best-suited accessory for you.

It tells the tale of a modern-day woman aware of her roots yet striving with the present steadily. Silver rings, silver earrings, etcetera should be a must-have for women who embrace tradition and modernity equally. Today, a major portion of the silver jewellery industry is dedicated to producing sterling silver rings, pure silver rings, and more for the ornamentation of your hands. They are bold, elegant, and defining pieces of accessories to enhance your outfit's wholesome beauty perfectly.

Choosing the right fit:

Like outfits, choosing jewellery that suits the mood and tone of your attire is never easy, especially when there is a wide range to choose from. Women are often confused about choosing a feminine or a funky design of silver rings, an ethnic or a western shape, and most importantly, a minimal or a maximum size. And since there are as many kinds of hands as human beings, the job becomes more difficult.

There always seems to be an apparent difference between what you want and what will suit you. To come to a conclusion that caters to both while shopping is never easy. However, keeping some tips and tricks in mind might help with the process:

  • 1. It is advisable to base your ring choices on your complexion since the hands have a steady exposure to the changing weather conditions, developing creases, tan-lines, and uneven skin tone, over a definite period. Although determining your skin tone can seem like a hard task, and the conclusions might often seem uncertain, there are some clues to go about it in the right way. For example, you have a warm skin tone if you have green veins on your wrist, your skin tans easily and burns rarely, or you have lighter shades of eye color or hairstreaks, and you have a cooler skin tone if you have blue veins, it is harder for you to tan and you eye-color and hair are on the darker side. Now that your skin tone had been identified let us move on to the silver rings for girls that would suit you. Sterling silver rings can be coated in different colors, like golden, oxidized silver, or rose gold. It is often considered best to wear golden or rose gold rings for warmer tones, paired with gems of colors like maroon, green, turquoise, and so forth, as it blends well and enhances the skin tone subtly yet beautifully. However, people with cooler skin tones will be well-suited to wear the original silver-colored rings, with gems and stones of purple, pink, deep red, blue colors, and more. Both the real silver rings and the blackish oxidized ones bring out the color of their skin gracefully.
  • 2. Another crucial aspect to keep in mind when selecting silver rings for girls is the kind of design you choose. For example, mostly, rings for girls are two kinds - namely, statement pieces and minimal ones. Statement pieces are chunky, have eye-catching designs, and add more to the ethnicity of your style. Although they can be worn daily, it has to be kept in mind that not many other pieces of jewelry would look good along with those. For example, if you are wearing a giant silver ring, on the one hand, the other fingers need not have chunky rings on them. Or you don't need a lot of big necklaces or earrings to complete the look. It may lead to over-accessorizing and can look clumsy. As the name implies, statement pieces are just enough to have a defined outfit going on for the day. On the other hand, minimal rings for girls are much sleeker and give an embellished elegant look, and can be used as everyday wear along with other jewelry like neckpieces or earrings. It ultimately depends on the kind of look you are going for, whether bold, feminine, chic, or all of those together, and of course, on your choice and needs.
  • 3. Lastly, the material of the rings should also be of concern to the buyer. Silver is a highly malleable and easily bent material, and hence pure silver rings should not be the first choice if you want a durable and sturdy product. Pure silver, which contains 99.9% silver, has a millesimal fineness of 999 and is mainly used to make bullion bar for international commodities trading and investments in silver. On the other hand, Sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of metal alloy, the most readily available being copper. It is often used for more general purposes like jewelry production. Also, for further surety, hallmarked jewelry should be made and purchased.

Sterling silver over pure silver:

As mentioned earlier, sterling silver is much more preferable for making jewellery. Hence, rings having 92.5% silver in them are considered real silver rings. Apart from being chosen for their strength and beauty, these rings have a lifetime of durability too.

Pure silver is a weak element for manufacturing rings to be worn daily; therefore, adding copper makes it stronger and eligible for jewelry making. These are generally marked with a '925' to make the customers aware of its purity. Sterling silver rings can be coated or polished in rhodium to make them tarnish-resistant. Rhodium is a metal that belongs to the platinum family, provides these with a glossy finish, and gives them the real silver rings look.

A huge range of designs can be carved out of sterling silver, be it feminine chic intricate detailing for regular office wears or perhaps for wedding purposes, or coupled with bigger cuts of stones like topaz, rubies, pearls, and so forth.

Many choose the rings with their birthstones or some other gem with an intriguing mythological past involved. It brings out the royalty and elegance of the look at once.

It is important to remember that buying and possessing jewelry is also the responsibility of taking proper care of them. Storing silver jewelry in a cloth or silk pouch is a great way to protect them from scratching. Bleach, ammonia, and chlorine are highly responsible for damaging and de-colorizing them.

Silver jewelry should not be worn during activities like swimming in chlorinated water or doing house chores that involve harsh chemicals like washing soda or dish-washing liquids. They will lose their shine within a short time and will no longer retain their glory.

After a considerable time of usage, silver jewelry will tarnish when exposed to air and hence should be polished to revive its luster. A nonabrasive cloth with bleach and ammonia-free polish should be used for the purpose and further cleaning. Micro-fiber clothes are of great help to clean and polish silver jewelry.

Designs to choose from:

There are multiple options for buying pure silver rings for women, that is, sterling silver rings with 92.5 % silver which is considered pure since pure silver cannot be used for the purpose. Here are some specimens from the Indian Shelf website:

  • 1. The Filigree Pattern: It is an adjustable ring with a floral and paisley design with a round amethyst stone in the middle and surrounded by a few onyx stones. It is an excellent choice for any wedding or engagement ceremonies or any other formal functions one might have to attend.
  • 2. The Leafy pattern cocktail ring: It is a free-size ring with a fine detailing of leafy motifs, mainly for completing a flowy cocktail dress or other ethnic wears like anarkalis and ghagras, to bring out the traditional look.
  • 3. The adjustable diamond ring is a handmade diamond-shaped ring made of oxidized silver with engraved tribal motifs. Because of its rusty look, it compliments western, indo-western as well as Indian attires beautifully.
  • 4. The Boho ring is also a handmade silver ring with a large labradorite gemstone in the center, having a bohemian antique look. It suits both female and male high-fashion apparel and adds permanent sophistication to the look.
  • 5. The oxidized floral design: It is an oxidized silver ring, with a brackish black look in the form of a blooming flower, with an amethyst stone in the middle. It will be an impeccable choice for someone of mature years and a feminine test. It creates an antique look that goes well with sarees and salwar suits. Apart from those mentioned above, the website hosts a plethora of gorgeous options for pure silver rings for women. The price ranges approximately from twelve hundred rupees to two thousand rupees, which is reasonable and affordable for such stunning jewelry pieces. You can now take your look up a notch by just ordering online from the comfort of your home, especially during present times when stepping out is not advisable.

Where to buy silver rings for women in India?

Investing your hard-earned money into anything involves huge emotional attachment and commitment to the purchased product. And if it has the grave responsibility of adding to your personal and sentimental value, it requires all the more care.

Getting your money's worth is important when it comes to buying jewelry for yourself or others. Here are some places which can fulfill your wishes regarding silver ornamental pieces.The folk traditions of rural India largely influence Silver jewelry.

From the inner cores of the country, the various tribal and antique accessories have been inspired and have been smartly incorporated into our daily wearable pieces of jewelry by intelligent and innovative designers. Hence, the best collections of silver jewelry are found on the streets of India.

For example, the occasional market in Bolpur, West Bengal, known as the Shantiniketan Haat, provides an abundance of silver rings, earrings, payels, nose-pins, etcetera. They are authentically oxidized and dokra pieces, often handmade and exclusive in design.

Such thrift markets also exist in Delhi, namely, Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Majnu ka Tilla and so forth. Unique pieces can also be gorged upon in the celebratory melas that take place all over Bengal, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. However, in the current pandemic situation, it has not been easy to access street markets and similar gatherings, as most of them have remained closed for the longest time.

Unfortunately, some have gone out of business. Therefore, silver-lovers have crowded on virtual e-commerce platforms for hoarding pure silver rings for women online. The traditional sites for shopping include Amazon, Giva, Myntra, Tanishq, and similar clothing and jewelry sites, but there are some exclusively hosting designer silver rings.

Hence, to look for pure silver rings for women online, you can visit websites like India Shelf and many more for a glimpse of the choicest collection. They offer the prettiest and most unique designs for silver rings and offer suitable discounts to their already nominal price range. Now you can buy silver jewelry for yourself or as a token of surprise and affection for your loved ones.