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Vintage Brass Cups And Glasses

Lassi Glass: With the fast-paced lifestyle, homes have become smarter and practical. However, with the addition of smart devices and cooking equipment, the ancient Indian wisdom has gone for a toss. We often forget that good health starts with a healthy and safe kitchen. By bringing plastics and polymers, we are hampering our health regime.

By forgetting the ancient wisdom to rely on brass, copper, claystone, etc., we have loaded our kitchen with harmful elements line Teflon, aluminium, etc. Although the latter takes up lesser space and is easy to manage, their long-term impact on our health is detrimental. The traditional metals and alloys carry therapeutic and rejuvenating properties that help restore your health naturally and retain the original taste of the meals.

As a result, these Vintage brass cups and lassi glasses ensure that you do not replace your good health with poor quality products. They help you tap into ancient wisdom and stay in sync with our cultural and social heritage. Also, these products are heritage and remind us of our past.

Vintage brass glass help bring an upper edge

Using the right brass utensils and lassi glasses, you can improve your health and gain the upper hand over your immunity levels and positively impact your health. The brass has a phenomenon to control and improve your overall digestive health, and hence it is a good idea to use maximum utensils from the metal to achieve the desired results.

It is always advisable to replace toxic plastics with metals like brass and copper. The same is available in the form of high-end products and premium Vintage brass cups. You can also use serveware from the metal and attain more suitable results for your needs.

Since copper and brass are two major metals that bring huge health benefits, the product is also used for making articles of home decor and deities. The base metal of the same is zinc and copper, which is considered an essential nutrient for boosting your brain, kidneys, and muscular system. Drinking cold liquids in these Vintage brass cups helps to fight anemia and overcome iron deficiency.

Why buy the Vintage brass cups from us?

The glasses and cups available from the store use authentic brass metal as their base. Since the product is designed from a combination of zinc and copper, it becomes an ideal investment for your health and wellness needs. Both elements carry a significant impact on human health and can help to improve body functions easily and efficiently.

Copper was perhaps the first metal to be made by humans and is famous for its ability to conduct heat. Eating foods in copper and its alloys cleanses the blood. The same is also known for its high durability and considered the best material for eating and cooking.

Zinc blends with copper and also helps augment body functions and contributes to the safety of the products. According to ancient Indian beliefs, these metals are naturally free of germs, fungi, etc., as these use extensive and natural cleansing processes to retain original taste and flavors. Copper in these brass cups helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body that helps to promote an improved digestive system.

The Vintage brass cups available from our store are hand-crafted versions that our experts have curated. These cups were designed by experienced craftsmen who use their understanding and capture the elements from the natural environment to give you a beautiful piece of home and kitchen decor. The product is also suitable for everyday use.

However, like all metals that form its base, these authentic Vintage brass cups are susceptible to tarnish after long-term use. As a result, you can use traditional Indian cleaning alternatives like lemon, tamarind paste, etc., to add shine to your cup. Choosing abrasive particles and cleaning sponges can be detrimental to its shine and quality. If you are using these vintage items for decor purposes, it is best to use a soft cotton cloth to clean them completely.

Another great way is to use salt, vinegar, and flour to add shine to your glasses. Once you are done, use water and then buff dry. Lemon juice can be another excellent way to add shine to your Vintage brass cups.