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Swing Chains



Swing chains are a sturdy holding device used for many purposes.  The chainset can be used for multiple purposes either as functional or as home décor. The chains promise a stronghold as they are made up of brass material and hence work as a security holder. From jewellery to various settings in your home, brass chains can give a diverse and a protruding look to your otherwise dull living areas!

These chains come in various designs and are made of different materials; some of the varieties are described below:

  • Copper and brass. Copper is dust and air resistant and hence does not leave its colour and lustre with time. Apart from serving their purpose of holding strong element, these chains are also used as a décor which is made with different sculpture designs in between the chain materials.


  • Porch swing chains. Porch swing chains add a beauty, luxury and elegances to your rooms or the garden areas.  Hanging a porch swing in your garden area is a little time requiring task as you first need to measure the area wherein you want to hang your porch.  Search for various varieties and rates g porch swings along with the standards and quality. And once done with the researching, finalising and buying process, you are ready to hang your favourite relaxing area! They work as perfect outdoor hanging swing.

Swing chain sets are made with heavy metals, and hence they are expensive but don’t worry, this is because of its sturdiness and excellence.

Indianshelf provides you with an embellishing variety of chains made with brass and copper in different unique designs. They have an exclusive collection which I assure you cannot find anywhere else. It was a few months back that my mom and I were exploring this website and were awestruck just as we reached this section!

They promise you the quality and offer these stunningly crafted chains at the best price. I too purchased the “decorative brass swing chain” which was perfectly worth its cost. Even the simplest of the chains have little designs such as that of handmade Buddha faces or peacock designs.  They have a unique variety of “jhoola chains” which are perfect for porch swing chainsets. My personal favourites are the ‘brass swing chainset with handmade stature’ which is a set f four pieces at best possible range of 40,000 rupees.

Come and have a look the wide and mesmerising range these guys are offering which I am sure you cannot find anywhere in India.