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Stone Bridge Handles

Long before the metalwork was born, stone was perhaps the only material besides bones and shells to create furniture and decorative hardware. With techniques like cutting, piercing, drilling and carving, the bones of animals were turned into beautiful hardware, often accompanied by brushing of colours and natural varnishes. While the raw slaty textures of various stones add to their beauty, the natural processes of their formation offer rock solid sturdiness to them.

This selection of stone bridge handles by Indianshelf is an exclusive collection of contemporary handles designed in free floating shapes. Featuring a bulging centre, the spindle of each of these handles has been plated and polished in smooth golden finish.

A gorgeous combination of metal, stone and other ceramic materials make them durable and appealing at the same time. Brushstroked in natural finishes, the handles are available with knobs of different stone colours such as pink, turquoise, sea green, slate blue and cream. These natural stone colours with trimmings of gold are fabulous especially if you have been thinking of adding some coastal or beach style element to your home setting. It is said that unlike huge reinventions, these little vignettes of change can transform the space in a matter of seconds.  

While they are ideally suitable for dresser drawers, kitchen cupboards and even wardrobes, these stone bridge handles are also perfect additions to equipments like sliding doors, nested shelves or likewise. They will look pretty on white furniture. And they will look prettier on items painted in colour. The handles are available in a price range of ₹500 to ₹550.

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