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God Shiva Face Wall Mask

  • ₹ 5,300.00
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Brass Ganpati Idol Wall Hanging

  • ₹ 20,350.00
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Handmade Tibetan Art Lord Shiva C...

  • ₹ 10,500.00
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Brass Indian Folk Dhokra Art Squa...

  • ₹ 1,200.00
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Metal Wall art

“Art is a language meant to speak the things can’t be said”- John Demarco.

Art represents what human creativity is capable of; art makes our life and spaces more artistic and detailed and contributes to the persona of the houses. Art pieces are excellent decor pieces that supplement life to the home's design and spaces. The tree of art has broader branches and deeper roots spread across continents and human civilisations. From cave paintings to modern arts and films, art has evolved through human endeavourment. One branch of art is metal art; Metal art is usually moulded and carved from high-quality brass to provide fine detailings, shapes, sizes and designs. The metal wall art will promote elegance and grace to blank walls by subtly adding colours and texture.

Here are the advantages of fixating metal wall art in houses and living areas.

  • Spreads an artistic touch - Metal wall decor units in houses add a humane touch to the ambience of the place. Placing metal art pieces helps boost self-belief and the capability to achieve anything we set our minds on. When we visit art galleries and museums, we are shown and represented the power of human creativity, freedom and competence.
  • Builds the aura of the house and individual - Choices and art selections tell a lot about individuals and spaces. Arranging metal wall art in the house will add depth and layer to the house's rooms and help build the aesthetics and charm of the walls.
  • Massive range of products - At IndianShelf, metal wall art is in a wide variety considering various shapes, sizes, textures, and designs. You can choose these art pieces according to your taste and affinity or by selecting them following your house interiors and designs.
  • Supports Local artisans - We at the online portal of IndianShelf serve by supplying handmade products by locally skilled artisans. By buying these art pieces, you are supporting the artists of this rare art and helping preserve art and local culture.
  • However, Metal wall art at IndianShelf is made by following international standards giving them a premium quality and sturdiness. The complete evenness, polish and finish of products make them kid-friendly and safe for use. Thus, you can arrange them on grey walls to give them an artistic and magical transformation.

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