Cloth Beads Door Hanging Or Toran

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Red Toran Door Hanging

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Indian art and culture have their roots located at the bottom strata of society. Local artistry and craftsmanship have always been the soul of preserving the art, culture and heritage of Indian civilisation. If we take a bird-view, we will find that it was the general public who saved the art and culture of the nation. There has always been a diverse field of artistry in India, from pottery, embroidery, textiles, and sculpting to paintings and woving. Locals of various regions, like Rajsthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, etc., are experts in delivering multiple art forms. One such art piece is Bandhanwar, often used as a door-hanging decoration, which requires highly skilled artistry and fine craftsmanship. This main door decoration requires great attention to detail to give finishing products. These statement pieces for Home entrance decor require highly detailed beading of beads in intricate and highly complex designs, thus involving mastery in designing Bandhanwars. It is a rare art form that needs your attention to preserve and support the vocal for local movement in India. Incorporating these pieces as decorative items may help to improve the life of local artists of Bandhanwar.

Ways to utilise Bandhanwar in your house

As a Door Decor - Initially, these decorative units were beaded to enhance the entryways of the house and spaces and used as an Entrance Decoration. Bandhanwar symbolises good luck and prosperity, which can be placed and arranged on the doors and entrance. Moreover, the different designs, styles and themes of these decorative items will provide dynamics to the design and interior of the house.

As Wall art - The best way to preserve the beading art is to incorporate these Welcome Door Hangings in your styling and designing of Interiors. These can be composed in the styling of rooms and Outdoor decor as they will provide contrast to the colour and theme of the house. Bandhanwar can be an excellent additive to the wall as it will enhance the earthiness and rawness of the wall by representing your artistic and creative side.

An Excellent Gifting Option - These Door Wall Hanging can be a perfect gift for housewarmings, pooja, functions, weddings, and other traditional occasions. These decorative items as gifting objects will diversify the options of presents.

Ornate door hangings, or torans, are a part of Indian cultural custom. This Handmade Door Hanging Can be put on doors or walls to decorate your house and doors for the holidays to bring luck to your home. However, these sentimental pieces at IndianShelf are made by local artistry that you can check out to give a humane touch to designing and decorating.