Drink coasters are helpful, whether it is for a cocktail party, a casual meal, or a morning and evening tea ritual. They can provide a subtle but necessary functionality for the table. They protect delicate furniture finishes against unattractive scratches and stains from water droplets accumulating on the surface of cups, glasses, and bottles carrying cold drinks or from contact with cups containing hot beverages.

It only takes a few seconds to lay a teacup on the tea coaster, which makes it look nice and protects the hardwood table from damage. Because wood coasters can tolerate various temperatures, they are great for hot coffee or ice-cold beer cups. We have gorgeous and functional handcrafted coasters at Indianshelf. Moreover, these coasters should be made from 3/8" to 3/4" thick material.

As we all know, a coaster is a small plate or mat used to protect the area underneath it. However, when presented on the tables, they also serve as décor.

Coasters come in various forms, colors, sizes, and materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, jute, ceramic, resin, etc. We should select a set of coasters for a table that best meets our demands.

Which Wood is Best for Making Coasters?

Several types of wood are used in the making of coasters. The most common are cedar, maple, oak, and cherry. But which wood is ideal for producing coasters?

Absorbent woods such as bamboo or teak are an excellent choice if the coaster is for a cold drink. If we use the coaster on wet glass, consider choosing a superb option like cherry or walnut wood, which are water-resistant woods.

Cedar is a lightweight softwood with a fine texture. It is simple to work with and readily accepts stains and finishes. Cedar wood is resistant to decay and insect damage.

Maple is a hardwood with a beautiful texture that is exceptionally lightweight. It is simple to work with and readily accepts stains and finishes. It has a lovely grain pattern.

Cherry is a heavier timber than cedar and maple. It has a fine grain and is simple to handle. Cherry is another common wood for coasters. Top Benefits of Coasters

Coasters made of wood protect furniture.

Instead of placing cups directly on a table surface, use a coaster to keep rings from developing. Condensation is the primary cause of this water droplet development. As a result, a scorching cup will mainly affect the wooden coaster. Unfortunately, because this damage occurs gradually, a lack of care can severely harm the table.

Enhances the Aesthetics of a Home

Coasters, when mixed in various forms, sizes, and colors, enhance the attractiveness of table settings, regardless of how modest they may appear. We can also express ourselves with coasters by buying our favorite patterns from the Indianshelf. Obtaining several sets of coasters will also bring attention to the table surface.

Coasters are the best and most affordable option.

A coaster is one of the most affordable choices for keeping markings and rings off the table. Wooden Coasters are reasonably priced, given their importance in maintaining table quality. They are inexpensive and readily available on the IndianShelf website.

We should place a coaster on the table as it not only adds to the visual appeal of the table but also supports its durability. Indianshelf is the place to go if we want a wooden coaster. Visit the Indianshelf website and make a decision right now.

Overall, we should not roll our eyes when a party host reminds us to use a coaster. Getting one before we set down our drink is part of being an excellent guest. People should also keep coasters around the house and in each location where we could bring a drink, from the kitchen to the living room to the basement.

So grab a new set of coasters and select one just right for you from IndianShelf!

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