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Awesome paint colours to spruce up your home decor this year | Room Colour Ideas | Indianshelf

Specific paint colours can impact your mood or make a room appear more welcoming and brighter. Therefore, landing on the right colour is essential, especially for your living room.

You will want to have a hue that suits your living room decor else you will end up paying more for refurbishment. The right room colour will also hide the flaws and make it appear more aesthetically appealing.


Selecting the right colour for Living Room Decoration


Opting for the classic black and white works best for Living Room Decoration. This combination works well for most of the living rooms. There is no shortage of panache and style in this interior. 

    Mint green

Use the above room colour can instantly transform your room into the tropical oasis. When you use the colour strategically and stretch it to the rafters, the hue turns beautifully. Similarly, when light hits this shade, it transforms into a unique combination of sharp mint green or seafoam green.

    Ocean blue

This is one of the most popular colours for your home. This deep blue paint is a lovely and bold combination for the living rooms. Opting for the glossy variants along with accessories like shiny drawer knobs can pack an extra punch to the decor.


The colour has hauntings of wanderlust and makes you feel closer to the ocean and its calming effect. If you are not able to go on a vacation anytime soon, it is best to opt for this combination to get the best results. 


There are two different shades of grey that when done right can add a breath of fresh air to the room. These two shades are - Slate grey and dark grey.

Using pastel blue, you can add a fresh touch to the slate grey room. Use wooden pieces and metallic accents to get the impression of depth. 


If you are using the dark grey colours, use texture to tone down the look of the wall. The coral shade furniture is a bold and colourful addition to the room. This helps to cheer things up.

    Coral is in! 

Opting for the bold and colourful coral hues works best for Living Room Decoration. This works well for most of the living rooms.


To create an excellent combination, use furniture with red and white stripes! The look is exceptionally unconventional yet beautiful.

If going so bold is not your style, then you can opt to dabble in this colour by painting a small area of the home. For instance, this colour works best for adding shade to window nooks. 


When used right, it will create a romantic glow to your room. If the same is not done right, it will appear like a pink bubblegum wall.

    Sage green

Turn to nature to take inspiration for your living areas. This brings a gorgeous shade of mystical green to your indoors. As a result, it feels like a breath of fresh air and adds intrigue to the gallery walls. So, if you have lack of the foliage around your home, opt for this colour to rejuvenate yourself. You can also opt for a more vibrant shade of green along with beige undertones to boost your home decor.

    Sunny yellows

An unconventional shade of yellow brings you a sunny hue to your otherwise dark living room. Use this upbeat shade of yellow with subtle use of cream to complete the living room look. You can also use beige to create a classy look for your room. Paint a wall in sunny yellow and see your room brighten up. 

    Elegant pink

Pink never fails to impress us. The subtle colour has an inspiring shade with a hint of red that gives a romantic and sophisticated look to the whole room. 

    Pale blue walls

Pale blue walls give a hint of beauty to the living room. When combined with a white ceiling, it lends an immediate calming effect on the place. As a result, the room feels airy and light.

Use a green coffee table to inject funky and youthful energy to space. This livens up the room and its backdrop. Also, you can use a floral sofa to boost the overall decor of the room.

    Violets to add grace

Another unconventional pairing is to combine fire engine red with a subtle shade of violet. The embroidered bohemian throws and pillows can complete the whole look. So, if you wish to start with this process, buy a fun pair of throw pillows and use these two colours to highlight the walls and ceiling.

    Citrus tangerine

These Orange walls provide a dynamic background for art. Use an emerald green lampshade in a room to create an unexpected combination. It is surprising but makes the room feel ever so sunny.

    Powder blue

Another colour that is eccentric and bold is Powder Blue. A mere look at the room can slow your pace and calm your senses. Using a monochromatic tone allows you to focus on the incredible interior, architecture and artwork installed in the room. Undoubtedly, it creates a dramatic effect using the soothing sounds. Use bulbous shapes like marble tables, bubble lights, round sofa, etc. To create an impeccable style identity.


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    Hot pink 

Intense and eye-catching neon pink adds a bold look to your walls. It is an extremely bold choice that pays off. Use contrasting blue tones and traditional furniture to make it a timeless classic. Ideally, use this idea for foyer for a warm and welcoming entrance. 

    Lilacs to accentuate the decor

In the colourful city apartment, bring alive the natural patterns using lively accessories and hues. Play with design and colour to rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work. The best part about the lilac is that these are easy to blend in with any form of existing decor. 

    Griege colour palette

A usual colour choice that is both subtle and complex. The paint is exceptionally soft and neutral. Use a black marble fireplace to get a contemporary look. Also, place jute rugs, modern artwork and table lamps to get the best results. The armchair provides a classic silhouette - the style will last you forever. You can also opt to reupholster them in different colours. 


A raspberry room is both friendly and sophisticated. It is an inviting place to be in. In comparison to the greige paint, this is bolder and brighter. It further has a gentle warming appeal to it and absorbs depth. For the complete look, opt for a burnt orange or chocolate brown look. You can also opt for metallic gold tables or fresh marble polish for the best results.

    Crimson for your home

It is best to avoid super reds in the house. Unless you have a specific neutralizing colour for accessories, avoid going for brightest reds. On the other hand, rich crimson warms up the living spaces. To add contrast, add furniture in blue and pink. This helps to balance the dark hue. 

    Ebony wood walls

A new house with the walls emulating the cabin wood, soft and washed out colours can make a huge difference. To get the best results, choose a chandelier to balance the high living areas. 

    Warm beige

Freshen up a living room with beautiful beige walls. This is a no-fail choice for a gallery wall and display. Use this in combination with bold colours or appealing shades of pink along with floral design to boost the feminine appeal of the room. 

    Turquoise Blue

For a regular home, turquoise blue can bring in striking results. Use the quadrille curtain to compliment the same. When used with a combination of beige or white, it yields positive results for your living room. It instantly brightens up the home

    Striped neutral

Using a neutral design scheme benefits you greatly. Use a striped accent wall to get conversations rolling. This design is exceptionally contemporary and highly minimalistic. If you are on a budget, this can be the perfect choice for your needs.

    Lime yellow

If you are incredibly bold and daring, opt for a lime green colour palette. You can pop in red furniture pieces scattered around the room for that ultimate look.

    Monochrome all around

If you wish to keep it extremely simple and exciting, dab your walls with a monochromatic off-white look. These include walls, furniture and accessories. This lends an extreme panache to the room and offers the best results in home decor 

    Elegant Pistachio

Another subtle colour choice is of pistachio. Pistachio brings a sophisticated charm and elegance. The beautiful colour helps to liven your senses and brings a calming effect. 

    Relaxed blues

Use variations of blue to give your living room a calming effect. This brings an excellent energy into the room and allows you to relax after a hard day. Call in an interior designer to help you get the colour scheme right. Else you may end up paying hugely for an imperfect look.