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Silver Pendants

Silver represents a striking balance between black and white. Similar to this, silver is also a metaphor for balance and alignment of life. In fact, the shade of silver is regarded holy since centuries.

You would be fascinated to know that in India, the ancient Incas considered silver metal as the ‘tears of the moon’. In an assortment of other traditions, silver is said to possess the energy of felinity, self-reflection, minimalism, clarity, healing, purity, peace and prosperity.

In its history after, plenty of tests and experiments were carried out by silversmiths and jewellery makers across colonial America and England. The result? The standard silver composition for silver jewellery making was fixed to a scale ranging from 91.6% to 92.5%.

Hence, followed by the year 1635, the jewellery makers started creating jewellery usually from 92.5% silver, a variety which came to be known as ‘sterling silver’.

The demand for sterling silver jewellery started to pick up. The silver workers would cast molten silver into the ingots and moulds. These molds would be made of iron, graphite, clay or stone.

Silver sheets would be hammered and flattened to mass produce jewellery through the dies of various shapes such as flowers, oval and drop. The silver beads created were seamed and pasted together followed by fine polishing and finishing.

Rings, earrings, lockets, bangles, jewel boxes, necklaces, headgear, wristlets, anklets, trinkets, chains, charms and multifarious accessories were produced.

Each such sterling silver art piece would be stamped by the silversmith to ensure its quality and composition.

In those days, the rulers and royals believed in purchasing jewellery made to perfection not just for representing their status but also to leave reputable impression in their gifting rituals. Those days are gone. But the quality of silver and jewel craftmaking prevails till this day.

This section of Indianshelf showcases a fresh collection of sterling silver pendants handcrafted by Indian silversmiths in a variety of designs and embellishments.

Encrusted with shimmering colourful beads, crystalline stones and jingling with luminous pearl drops, these pendants are no less than majestic and divine adorations for your collarbone.

Their elegant texture and chalcedonic appearance is what makes them so desirable. The soft, balmy look of sterling silver will keep the look of your neckline charming and contained at the same time. From dancing goddesses carved atop camel motif to tribal style medallion with ghungroos, the variety is over the top. Plus, the luxury is timeless.

That said, you would be delighted at the fact that sterling silver jewellery is also taken to be one of the most durable forms of accessories. Did you know that the word ‘sterling’ has its origins in the word ‘ster’ which means strong, sturdy and stout?

Interestingly, just like every cloud has a silver lining, the sterling silver too has a silver lining. That is, the best way to avoid tarnish in a sterling silver pendant is to wear it. Yes. The reason behind is that the oils from your skin is the best shield for silver’s tarnish.

In addition to it, you can make sure that your pendant doesn’t come in contact with chemicals such as washing powder, bleach, dishwashing liquids or chlorinated water. Perhaps these sterling silver pendants are a great way to grow your family heirloom collection! For other selections of sterling silver, check over our gallery of silver jewellery.