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It's unique and stunning how art and craft can change your ways of life, thinking and view of spaces. One time “Vincent Van Gogh” famously said, “The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.” Art can stir emotions and give you a reason to cheer up; humans have always been suckers and admirers of art. One excellent art presentation is ‘Cloisonne’. At IndianShelf, we have a range of these cloisonnes; these are highly detailed products and stunning pieces of beauty.

Specification Of Cloisonne

  • Enthralled decorative pieces - These decorative vases are elegant and graceful pieces that can amplify the beauty of homes and offices. It can elevate the charm of corridors, galleries, wardrobes, shelves and console tables. Furthermore, Blue Cloisonne Vases' design and structure are distinctive and enthralling, raising curiosity among visitors and guests.
  • Elaborate designs - If you see through the cloisonne section of Indianshelf, you will be mesmerised by the detailing of these Designer Vases. The texture and printing of animals, birds, plants and abstract art are designed and handmade by skilled artisans. Additionally, these Decorative Flower vases are highly distinguished and one of a kind.
  • Adds a touch of creativity – Buy Decorative Flower Vases to supplement the creativity and artistic touch to the house. Well-defined designs and elaborate textures with fine engravings will give an unconventional yet artistic and creative touch to your spaces and rooms. Apart from these features, the perfect and shiny finish will complement the dazzling beauty of houses and homes.

Why choose IndianShelf?

Cloisonne at IndianShelf have a floral and natural authenticity of human artistry and finish. Along with accessories for holding flowers, these vases serve as decorative accents that enhance home furnishing's beauty. These vases elaborate ornamentation contributes to the depth and character of the building. IndianShelf offers vases for home decor in various patterns and textures. You can place these vases in living rooms, close to sofas, in-home galleries, at the front door, or in office corners. Additionally, these cloisonne make beautiful presents for weddings, special events, and housewarming parties.