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Handmade Brown Brass Shiv Murti ...

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God Shiva Face Wall Mask

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Vintage Brass Shiva Family Statue

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Lord Shiva Head Holy Statue

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Brass Lord Shiva Lord Ganesha and...

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Brass Shiv Head with Ganga Statue

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Lord Shiva Head Statue

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Lord Shiva, one of the prominent Hindu deities, has found a robust fan-following all over the world. Shiva, the Lord of Dance, is worshipped by ardent devotees all over the world. Today, the statues of Shiva are found not only in some of the most reputed museums of the world but also in many homes where it is kept as an artifact. It is usually made up of metals like brass, bronze, etc. It is ancient in looks and adds a subtle character to the ethnic décor of home and offices.

Lord Shiva- The Lord of Dance

Lord Shiva forms one of the most integral elements of a powerful triad of divine energy in the Hindu religion's universe. Shiva is considered the destroyer with an expansive impact. He is considered a destroyer because, for every new thing to grow and flourish, the old things have to end. Thus Lord Shiva ensures the life cycle continues moving at a steady pace.

Lord Shiva Statues as Artefacts

When planning to buy Lord Shiva's bronze statues to be kept and used as a décor item, check out a range of options available. One of the most popular options available is the Adiyoga Shiva statue. It is a very impressive statue made up of bronze material. As per the Vastu Shastra, keep this statue in the Northeast corner of your home. It can be placed on a console or an altar table. Ensure no other statue is placed close to this statue. This beautifully handcrafted bronze statue is surely going to grab the attention of the onlookers. It also brings a lot of spiritual vibes to the home. Place it in your living room or the drawing-room, where it captures the guests' attention at home. It will calm the ambiance and add to the ethnic décor of this space.

Lord Shiva Statues in Multiple Designs

There is no dearth of Lord Shiva statues in multiple designs and patterns. The statues are available in different sizes. If you wish to create a focal point in a room, you can go for a taller or bigger-sized statue that will grab the attention immediately. You can place a lighted lamp in front of the statue to enhance the sense of peace and harmony in the home or office. It is usually placed in the foyer area on a console table. Thus, as soon as the guests enter your space, they find it attractive to the positivity welcoming and enveloping them.

Bronze Material in Lord Shiva Statue

Lord Shiva is worshipped as one of the major and paramount Hindu Gods. When planning to keep the Lord Shiva Statue in your personal or official space, check out various materials available. One of the best and most popular statue materials is bronze. Bronze is considered one of the most popular materials in statues. It is a good example of cast metal sculptures. The most important advantage of buying these statues in bronze materials is the metal's ductility and strength, making it an excellent choice. It is easier to design and create intricately designed statues of Lord Shiva. It is also a collector's item. Once bought, it will stay in the same condition for a long time to come.

These statues are valuable and worth investing in besides keeping them as artifacts in your home. It is very easy and effortless to maintain these lovely statues. Check out Lord Shiva statues in sitting, standing, and prose position and buy something that strikes a chord with your décor skills and abilities. Keep bronze statues of Lord Shiva in areas with less humidity to avoid tarnish or a layer of patina over them. Avoid contact with fabrics or paint and use a toothbrush or a soft cloth to dust the statues lightly. These simple tips will keep your statues in perfect condition for a long time.

Buy classy, stylish, and amazing statues of Lord Shiva and bring the blessings of Lord Almighty to your humble abode.