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Mercury Round Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 471 In Stock

Antique Golden Murcary Glass Melo...

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 1354 In Stock

Antique Golden Glass Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 1249 In Stock

Pyramid Shiny Glass Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 183 In Stock

Antique Silver Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 6115 In Stock

Shinning Silver Medium Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 482 In Stock

Mercury Daisy Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 245 In Stock

Mercury Pineapple Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 255 In Stock

Mercury Sunflower Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 976 In Stock

Dome Mercury Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 2 In Stock

Heart Mercury Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 56 In Stock

Shining Silver Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • Sold

Mercury Glass Knobs

Mercury is a chemical element which is heavy and silvery-white, also known as quicksilver. It is used in thermometers, barometers, mercury switches, fluorescent lamps, and more devices. Mercury knobs are available under the category of glass knobs. At IndianShelf, you will find mercury glass knobs that are aesthetically pleasing and provide ease of use with a handy grip for knobs.

Why choose Mercury glass knobs?

Mercury provides the bright glare that can be seen on knobs. These knobs come in varied colours, like golden, silver, pink, red, and more. You can choose from various styles and designs. For example, you can look for a round shape, dome shape, pyramid shape, sunflower, daisy shape, and others. They are ideal for drawers, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, and more. Moreover, They are available at different prices, ranging between Rs. 100 to Rs. 300.

Why use knobs and handles?

Knobs may look like a minimal interior accessory, but the function it plays is a big one. They make it easier for an individual to pull a dresser drawer or a cabinet. They are convenient to install in residential areas, commercial areas, recreational zone, and schools. Knobs and handles elevate the entire interior beauty of your premises. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and can be the talk of your next gathering. You can create a spectacle design in your interior by matching it with the ongoing theme or creating a contrasting effect.

Why shop at IndianShelf?

At IndianShelf, you are provided with the best material products at cost-effective prices. The quality of products is double-checked at our factories before delivering them to you. Our website is user-friendly, which gives you a flawless and smooth experience of browsing. The products on our website are environment-friendly, lead-free, and rust-free. They are safe to use in play areas for children too. In case of any query, we provide you with customer care support. Providing a timely delivery is another merit you will find by shopping from us.