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Vintage hookahs had left their mark on history. Abul-Fath Gilani, designated as Akbar's Persian physician, found them in India during the Mughal era. Although the populace viewed hookahs as taboo, they were a standard entertainment component during royal meetings. However, as time passed, similar activities gained popularity in regions from Asia to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. The adage of toxic work routine applies to today's hustle culture, which is emotionally and physically exhausting and keeps us all mired in a never-ending battle. We need something to deal with the toxic work environment and get some downtime. You can occasionally incorporate fun and adventure mood. The elaborate engravings on Hooka have changed over time, giving way to more straightforward, solid designs. Colours, building materials, shapes, and sizes—all of these characteristics and dimensions—have undergone significant alteration. At IndianShelf, we provide a large selection of luxurious Vintage hookahs that is particularly distinctive in their shapes, constructions, and decorations.

Availability in diverse polish and designs - The type and originality of hookahs are abundant. You may buy various brass-derived hookahs in our online store, IndianShelf. These products come in multiple shapes and have exquisite designs with delicate engravings sculpted by excellent and skilled artists. These hookahs come in various finishes; some are simple and rustic, while others have a texture similar to silver and gold.

Acts as a focal point in decoring: These hookahs are a standout component of ornamental goods because of the vintage feel and material of brass. These items' etched designs will enhance the dynamics of home designs. You can arrange them in your recreational areas to add a regal and beautiful touch.

Partying once in a while is great and mood uplifting; you should take some time to enjoy and celebrate your hard work and hustle. However, At IndianShelf, quality checks were considered while making these sturdy hookahs, and fine brass was used. To significantly expand your vintage collection, show off the extravagant nature of these hookahs and spark some entertaining conversations, you can buy hookahs from the online store of IndianShelf.