Natural Rattan Long Cabinet Handles

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Antique Snake Iron Door Handles

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Antique Snake Iron Door Handles

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Natural Rattan Cabinet Handles

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Almirah Handles

These days, almost every closet or almirah is equipped with door handles. However, in the earlier centuries, not many of them came together with a door handle of their own. Did you know that in the ancient period, most people used just the basic lock-and-key to lock their cabinet doors? Or they would use latch strings at the most. Can you imagine opening your wardrobe with a latch string?

It was only later in the 17th century when kingdoms and palaces were being established. In order to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, the kings wanted something more advanced than the then-obvious equipments for their cabinets. The queens and maidens wanted something which could secure their precious ornaments and jewellery while adding to the beauty of their bedchambers.

This was the period when the craft of closet and almirah door handles began to emerge. And very soon, the boxes and trunks were being replaced by cabinets; the latch strings replaced by fully crafted door handles. Did you know that the first ever full-fledged almirah crafted with the handles was known by the names of lowboy, highboy and tallboy?

Fast forward to today, the craft of designing almirah handles has crossed the next generation artistry. With techniques like polishing, carving, panelling and molding, door handles these days come in a huge variety of fittings while maintaining a fabulous appearance. Combing through the best varieties of craftsmanship and utility, Indianshelf brings an exciting collection of these almirah handles.

Indianshelf, one of the largest producers of home décor accessories in the world, offers a range of almirah handles which are both aesthetic in appearance and abiding in durability. Using materials like brass, iron and clear cut glass, these decorative handles will complement pretty much any type of almirah, closet or cabinet pull. Interested in ancient style pull handles? Browse our full range of bone bridge handles, & ceramic bridge handles please click here.

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