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Vintage Prayer Tray For Flowers

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Fruit Tray In English Art In Fine...

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Embossed Square Large Plates or T...

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Vintage Etched Round Floral Diamo...

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Low Brass Bowl For Decoration

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Vintage Metal Plates and Trays – The perfect addition to your home and kitchen décor projects

The metal plates made from high-quality metals like copper, brass, silver, etc., have been part of royal Indian households for a long time now and despite the availability of better quality materials and lightweight alternatives like plastics. These retain their original beauty and style even after years of use. These are ideal for serving food and beverages to your guests and royally treat them.

Despite their initial high prices, these Vintage Metal Plates and Trays can last for a long time and offer a better return on investment. These are perfect for use around the house and can be easily used as a family heirloom. These can be used to hold magazines, organize knick-knacks, décor items, etc.

The material you choose must be based on the need to use the tray. Hence, metal serving trays are great for serving food and drinks. These are also elegant and sturdy in design and hence can be used as family heirlooms or as perfect gifts for loved ones or happy occasions. Since these are easy to clean, they can be used for display around the home. On the other hand, trays made from plastic, rattan, etc., can rarely match the beauty, elegance, and appeal of these metal versions.

Similarly, when choosing the trays, you may need to use the ones with a protective finish to avoid rusting and scratching. Even if you buy a wooden tray, the chances are that the same can develop stains from water and tea and are quite difficult to maintain and clean. However, when you choose the trays made from brass, copper, silver, etc., these do not scratch or stain easily. Moreover, these rarely get scratches or rust. Even when these develop a patina, they look beautiful and elegant.

Tips for choosing the best Vintage Metal Plates and Trays

When you decide to opt for Vintage Metal Plates and Trays, you make a major decision regarding your home maintenance and décor needs. Since these are expensive, it is easy to get stuck with a metal-plated that is electroplated, of poor quality, or is difficult to use. Thus, it is important to choose the trays and plates from authentic stores to ensure that you get the best product and quality. Our store carries one of the finest collections of trays and plates that can be the perfect and royal additions to your home.

Our products are curated from authentic sources and experts who can identify the appropriate material and quality standards to ensure that you attain the value for your investment. If you similar products from your local stores or other online channels, you may get trays with poor quality finish and rough edges. It can lead to cuts and problems. In worst cases, it may contribute to spillages and loss of expensive crockery due to poor grip.

Vintage Metal Plates and Trays – The product that makes all the difference

The Vintage Metal Plates and Trays available at our stores include rectangular and oval designs that can help you to serve your guests in a presentable way. Since socializing is an important part of Indian tradition, choosing these styles displays good manners, sophistication, and taste. These can be simple or highly decorated to evoke a sense of cheerfulness in the guests.

When combined with great food, these trays can evoke a sense of fulfilling and warm hospitality. Since master artisans handcraft these, these can be used to serve all forms of assorted products like sliced bread, dry fruit, and appetizers. The right trays can be nested together to create sync with your home décor or as coffee table displays or as accents to kitchen decor.

Use the Vintage Metal Plates and Trays with extra-wide surface makes these easy to move and keep the same organized. It can be used to serve a stack of books on a coffee. These can single-handed used to manage your coffee table display. These can be used to store your keepsakes, repurpose, and wall décor or photo frames. These sturdy trays come with an engraved bottom or unique finish.

A clean and sleek design combined with modern craftsmanship for tasteful accents can bring the best results. These can be polished to a smooth surface and used as a stylish backdrop for decorative or seasonal arrangements.