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Ceramic Strewn Knobs


Ceramic Strewn Knobs

There is an ancient art form which reminds us of the elaborate chamber windows of the Mughal palaces, the princes’ crowns and super pretty jewellery of the Rajput queens. This art form is filigree.

Although originated in Mesopotamia, the Indian style filigree is known for its unique aesthetic and intricate symbolic qualities which are unmatchable. This range of ceramic knobs by Indianshelf too features delicate metal filigree which is just perfect for recreating a vintage style decoration arrangement.

These knobs bring back the techniques from the famous khurja pottery of the Ceramic City while combining it with the medieval art style of Persian metalworkers. The combination produces an effect which is flexible in strength and gorgeous in appeal.

Each knob features a glazed colour-filled ceramic bulb, which is crowned with little details of ornamentations and an assortment of detailed Arabesque designs jewelling their appearance. 

What makes these knobs so gorgeous is the combination of ceramic and metal. A vast gallery of lace-strewn knobs along with so many options of colours; this is something which can’t be missed in your living space. The metalwork and filigree faceplates are available in choices of silver, antique and golden finishes; the prices starting from just ₹100.

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