Amber Square Drawer Knobs

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Turquoise Square Glass Flower Cab...

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Cube Medium Glass Knob

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Light Green Square Drawer Knobs

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Pink Square Drawer Knobs

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Turquoise Square Glass Knobs

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Green Square Small Glass Knobs

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Pink Square Small Glass Knobs

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Green Square Cabinet Knobs Online

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Clear Golden Square Cabinet Knobs

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Clear Silver Square Drawer Knobs

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Glass Square Knobs

We often think of geometrical designs as all tuck-n-tough-looking. You might wonder that if your priority is aesthetics then geometrically designed accessories aren’t for you.

However, this is not true. In fact, playing with geometry and shapes is one thing which never disappoints whether it is a beautiful residential space, a splashy playroom or a minimalistic formal setting.

Exclusive Glass Knobs:-

And amid this huge bonbonniere of geometrical décor ideas and statement pieces available in the market, square shape sets its mark among the top few. Imagine the blend of symmetrical stability, neat tick-tackiness and edgy sharpness.

A square pattern is something which suits equally well in a retro household setting and a modern contemporary decoration. You can even look back at the shaker style furniture or maybe, at the colonial style cabinet hardware. It’s no secret that many such old fashioned themes were based on square shaped designs.

2000 Plus Designs In Glass Knobs:-

At Indianshelf, we strive to add to our collection the products which are handcrafted, contemporary and cost-effective for our customers. Thinking of the above mentioned geometrical and square designs, we created this range of pretty glass square knobs.

Available in a huge number of square and rectangular styles, these square glass knobs by Indianshelf are well versed in pulling off a space well, both shapewise and stylewise. Fabricated in hand with cut glass, crackle glass and crystal glass, they will look great when embellished on top of a metallic or polished wooden background.

These fantastic square shaped glass knobs feature various patterns and designs including crystal glassware patterns, multi-facets, colour stained stripes and even mirrored starburst centres. On top of it, there is a rich palette of various pastel and flashy colours to choose from.

Use these knobs with your cabinets, table drawers, room doors, graphical wall art or any of your home furnishing items. They are made to jazz up your interiors even more!

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