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Bronze Ganesha

Three Headed Ganesha Statue

Three Headed Ganesha Statue

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Ganesha Statues

The need of a stronger power, someone in whom we believe has never been greater. In these tough times we often find ourselves praying for everything to be alright and Lord Ganesha is just the ‘vighnaharta’ we need in our temples right now. Any prayer in our temples is anyway incomplete without the Ganpati Murti as he is the Lord of auspicious beginnings.

Strengths of Lord Ganesha:-

A Ganesha statue in our homes guides us to the right path of life. It mysteriously makes us strong enough to fight all obstacles and remove them from the path of our success. Explaining the importance of a godly presence in our homes can be difficult to explain through words but they say that Lord Ganesha’s elephant’s head and ears’ represent wisdom and patience respectively. Needless to say when people hold such virtues, prosperity and success are inevitable. The urban dwellers travel to distant places in search of peace and solace even when Ganpati Idols can help you achieve that and a lot more just by residing in your abode.

Interesting facts about Lord Ganesha:-

Ganesh Ji is often known as one of the most notorious deities. He is famously known as a mouse riding God and many interesting anecdotes are associated with him like:-

Unlike us, Lord Ganesha has around 108 names, ‘Vighnaharta’ (the remover of obstacles) and ‘Buddhi Pradaayaka(the giver of wisdom and intellect) being two of them. It is said that chanting all 108 names during Ganesh Chaturthi brings good luck.

In Ganesha statues, he is often represented with only one tusk. It is believed that he threw the other tusk at The Moon for laughing at his belly which made people call him ‘Ek Dant’.

First Ganesh Chaturthi dates back to the era of Chhatrapati Shivagi Maharaja and celebrations were revived by freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak during 1893 in order to unite India in the resistance against British Raj.

Such is the devotion among people that in 2014 around 10,000 Ganesha idols were found in pandals of Mumbai alone and the number of ganesha statues brought home have only increased since then.

Diverse Collection of Ganpati Idols:-

We have got hundreds of different Ganesh Idols according to your preferences, style and requirements. The master craftsmen have designed each figurine differently and in different sizes. The smaller ones could be gifted to children and the blessings of Lord Ganesha help the children shine bright in their schools or could be fixed in the family’s transportation so that blessings could be bestowed upon the family at all times and to light up people’s homes, we have Ganpati’s Murtis that will suit perfectly with their temples.

So let the one who wrote the most greatest epic of Sanskrit, The Mahabharata through his broken tusk write your success story by welcoming mesmerizing Ganpati idols into your homes delivered right at your doorstep by us.