Statement Pieces

Handmade Golden Brass Milk Pot

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Brass Ganesha (Ht-7.1 Inches)

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Brass Handmade Tiffin Food Box

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Dokra Brass Lion Figurine

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Bronze Planter-10 X 16 Inches

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Hand Carved Multiple Designs On ...

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Brass Bulbous Holy Water Pot Wit...

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Humans are born with an extraordinary mind of creativity with a distinct value and this creativity strikes the difference between mankind and animals. Today the artistic talent which I will be discussing are the metal artefacts. Metal sculptures made from brass, bronze, aluminium, copper have a long ancient history from southern India with its roots from medieval India. With time, they have not only improved in terms of creating this beautiful artwork but have also gained popularity over the few years.

One such common artefact is the bronze hardware. These bronze hardware have embellished their history from Karnataka wherein this art has gained popularity. These bronze hardware are famous in terms of maintaining their original brilliance for a thousand of years.

 Indianshelf has a wide variety of metal art pieces which are more design-centric and vast creations ranging from statues, bracelets, sculptures and other forms of artefacts. We have an eye-catching variety of metal art ranging from brass figurines, brass god idols, contemporary statues, vintage kitchen art, Buddha sculpture and the list is endless! Let's have a brief look at the amazing varieties we are offering.

  1. Bronze statement pieces-  bronze hardware is one of the best designed and created art fact which can create a lifelong impact on your house. We assure you that we select the best quality material in making this artwork. We have a vivid variety of Japanese art; Lord Ganesha, Nataraja; available at affordable prices. These bronze hardware have been created by keeping in mind the needs and demands of our clients. The most interesting among all these I personally find are the brass figurines which have been uniquely designed and crafted with willful and creative hands.                                                                                                                                
  2. Vintage bell- this is a unique variety that we are providing. These bells are beautifully designed to enhance your decor without getting rust with time.                                                                       
  3. Vintage Indian kitchen- the vintage kitchen material have exquisite art in creating lassi glasses which are engraved with miniature designs of floral and rangoli prints/ the brass kutni mortar and pestle are perfect for those who want to create a beautiful impactful kitchen. Furthermore, we have sub-categories associated with these vintage kitchen material ranging from appe moulds, vintage kettles, clay cookware and vintage teapot which will surely leave your guests spellbound!!                                                                                                                               
  4. Wooden statement pieces- this category is extremely unique and impactful. We have a wide variety of wooden made brainteasers and toys which are strong as well as safe fro your kids. The wooden made candle stand, pots, bowls and statues serve the purpose of decorating your garden and living area. The wooden trays are not at all mundane instead they have been created with vibrant colours and designs. Trust me, do try these trays once and you will never stop them asking your friends and family to buy them!

Its high time that you guys wake up and decide to spend some valuable money in flowing with the world and exploring the ancient Indian art that has been revived and recreated in Indian shelf. These words are not mine but of all the happy customers that have spent some time and amount in purchasing these metal artworks.