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Indian Brass Temple Bell

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Auspicious Hindu temple bells to make a difference

A ghanta or Indian temple bell is an important part of Indian rituals and ceremonies. All temples have a brass or an alloy bell at their main entrance or near Garbha Griha, which each devotee rings before entering the same. Priests may ring bells during the Pooja ceremony as well. These are temple bells that are designed to produce long strains of OM.

There is an excellent scientific belief around these Hindu temple bells. It is believed that hanging these bells outside the temple creates a vibration that purifies the air. Therefore, it is believed that a place where such bells are rung at regular intervals remains pure and clean. Thus, one feels calmness and serenity all-around. Ringing bells is also known to eliminate negative spaces and opens up the flow of positive energy.

The ringing of the brass bell also drowns any inauspicious sound that permeates the atmosphere. The same also reminds one of the pervasive nature of the Supreme Lord.

The auspiciousness of Hindu temple bells

According to Skanda Purana, the ringing of bells absolves one from sins of the past birth. The dome shape of the temple bell and clapper combine to make noise. It creates a circle of Chaitanya, which projects through the atmosphere. The sound hence generated also emits the frequencies that are reminiscent of the Akash Tattva.

It is also believed that the stroke of clapper emits red divine rays that spread through the area and cleanse the same from negative forces and their impact. Since deities remain manifested in temples, the ringing of bells evokes their divine blessings. Devotees also ring a bell as an invocation of the principal deity to listen to their pleas.

Types of bells

There is both art and science involved in making bells. These Mandir bells are designed to emulate a sound that resembles close to the frequency of the OM. The handle of the same signifies the presence of vital forces of divine energy like Garud, Nandi, Chakra, Hanumanji, etc.

In India, a temple bell without a handle is forbidden from rituals as it may ring in misfortune. Moreover, the scientists assert that the ringing of the bells helps clear our minds and keeps us sharp. It helps us to stay focused on the prayers.

Also, the ringing of temple bells is believed to help create a unity of the brain's left and right areas. Once a bell is rung, its echo stays in for a minimum of 7 seconds as an echo. It helps to activate the main healing centers of the body. It also helps to empty the brain from negative emotions and thoughts.

Here are a few types of hanging bells and tips to buy the right one -

Bells date back to a long time ago (around 2000 BC). These beliefs originated in China, where they are known to be used to worship and make announcements. However, these were popularized by the proliferation of Hindu religion that equated them to religious status.

  • Traditional clay hanging bell

Clay and ceramics form the core part of the traditional hanging temple bells. These help to create a beautiful and pleasant sound. The ideal place to hang these bells is in the northeast region or southwest corner of your home. Putting the bells in the middle will also help to improve the health and wellness inside the house. Since hanging bells is an attractive idea for home decor, it is also an important alternative for attracting positive energy. Hanging bells as per Vastu principles ensures that bells are located in the right place to bring positivity inside the house.

  • Bright orange bells

Hanging bells bring more than sweet music. To bring happiness and prosperity inside the house, choose hanging bells in orange. Thus, you can choose to hang metal bells with six or eight rods. It helps to increase the positive energy inside the house. Hanging bells is more effective than any wind chime or similar door hangings.

  • Church bells

Traditionally, the church bells were used as a call to prayer or worship. However, before calls to communication using modern devices, these were used to signify weddings and funerals.

Unlike Hindu bells that are hung inside the prayer room, these are hung at the top of a church tower using a swinging headstock with a rope. When the rope is yanked, the bells swing and ring a gong using a clapper mechanism. It helped the sound to reach the entire town.

  • A carillon

A carillon is a musical instrument that resembles church bells but is housed in the bell tower. These are found in ancient churches and municipal buildings. Often the same may have 23 cast bronze bells in a cup shape. These are then controlled using the keyboard. The wires activate the mechanism and connect the clappers.

  • Handbells

Handbells appear like church bells that are smaller in scale. Traditionally, these appear in a metal cup shape that is attached using a leather handle. These are rung when you hold them upright and move the wrists. Larger bells may be made from wood or plastic handles.


According to ancient Hindu beliefs, by ringing a bell, the presence of a deity is evoked, which is believed to be extremely fruitful and rewarding. It also helps to reign in consciousness.
As per ancient Puranas, these bells are known to rid you of all the past sins. Scientifically, the vibration caused by these bells is quite high and is known to kill microbes and insects in its path. It keeps the temple premises clean and tidy.