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Grapes Hooks

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Fruit Hooks

Who doesn't like an organised home? A place where everything has a purpose. But keeping things coordinated in a small area can be tricky. One of the interior accessories to sort this problem is hooks. Hooks and Hangers help to avoid wastage of time while finding a lot of things. Having hangers is essential because they help keep your belongings in order. Even the things that may appear small, like a hanger, can do a miraculous job when beautifying your house or walls. At Indian Shelf, you are bombarded with options to choose from in the exclusive collection of hooks.If you are looking for fruit hooks to buy, you can see how extraordinarily charming they are. They are a part of ceramic hooks and are steady enough to hold weight. You can install multicoloured hooks in various interior themes like modern, Indian, minimal, and others. No wonder it is an art in itself.

Some styling tips:

In the Kitchen,

They are affordable and exquisite as they look. They are a perfect fit for the kitchen; you can style them to create a contrast or decorate your walls by adding some colour. It is ideal for your kitchen, as the fruits elevate your backsplash

In the foyer

You can quickly adapt the royal look of the entryway you see in movies and other people's homes to your home. Add a console table in your foyer and a Venetian mirror or wall art that you can look up on our website Indian Shelf. Next to it can be added these fruit hooks, where you can hang up your hats, scarves, or keys. Or, add these hooks in the foyer and get some macrame wall products to hang on to give a bohemian appearance.

In the Washroom,

You can hang your products like hand towels, loofahs, or scrubbers on them. Don't think they have fruits on them; hence, they won't look good in a washroom. Instead, you can upgrade your washroom interior by adding these subtle hooks sturdy enough to hold weight.

Fruit hooks from IndianShelf are a good catch for the eyes, available at affordable prices, sturdy enough to hold weight, and worth your money.