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Mughal Empire has a tremendous ancient history situated within India. Be it regarding the long ancestral rule, construction of huge palaces or the very famous miniature art form. Yes, it is true that the Indian miniature painting has gained its presence only after the establishment of Mughal dynasty.
Mughal art form or in other words, little style of paintings is a beautiful blend of bold and vibrant colours.

Since the 15th century, this form of art is famous for its unique style of depicting the story of Mughal emperors with minute detailing and heavy colours. This miniature art form has been evolved from the Persian school of small painting.

The primary focus of the painting is that they generally depict the royal Mughal dynasty, the lavish hobbies of Mughal emperor such as hunting, wildlife, royal life, legendary stories, etc. there are also some scenes from legendary Indian stories such as Ramayana or Mahabharata.

The Mughal art forms are made smaller in size because of the vast amount detailing with which they are made. The relating is so precise that individual lines are painted using single hair brushes! They do not believe n shading, and hence even the thinnest feather of a bird or hairline of a human is not left behind. They are famous for the use of vibrant colours with static appearance and with a final stroke of gold.

Every Mughal painting is not the result of the fantastic hands of a single artist; in fact, a single involves set of painters having a specific role. One set works on the composition, on the primary colour of the paintings and the last game would work on the minute details. The initial step requires the most technicality as the paper has to be cut in proper size and polished to such an extent that not a single ink gets absorbed in the material.

The paintings available now are the intensive work of such hard-working hands. Indianshelf has a huge variety of these magnificent art form which mostly comprises of Mughal rulers in such a beautiful manner that though the characters are fixed the hues of the paintings are vibrant and full of life. The pictures of Mughal royal ladies are mesmerizing as the minute details of their jewelry, apparel designs, has been presented so well.