Glass Tube Knobs

Knobs and Handles may look like small things, but without them, the big almirahs, cupboards, and cabinets will be of no use. Knobs help you to open up drawers and cabinets effortlessly. At IndianShelf, you can examine innumerable options of knobs and drawer handles to buy. You can choose the best suitable for your space from different themes, styles, materials, and colours. If you want your home to be the talk of the gathering, opt for some of the best glass door knobs. They are easy to install, and once fixed, they will gain some admirable looks when you have people over.

Why choose glass tube knobs?


Can you believe that these gorgeous glass tube knobs can be easy to gain access for everyone because they are priced at such nominal rates?

Styled in various interior themes

Undoubtedly, these glass knobs are trendy and can always stay in fashion. These glass tube door knobs are perfect for modern, contemporary, coastal, art modern, Scandinavian, and more.

High Quality

The glass tube knobs are available in premium quality, with no sharp edges. They are handmade in India and can be used for a long time as they are durable and long-lasting.

How can you use glass tube knobs?

You can fix the glass tube knobs for wardrobes, cupboards, almirahs, cabinets, sliding doors, etc. In a modular kitchen, you can see the instalment of sliding doors for cabinets. Hence, you can use them as sliding door knobs. For your bar counter, you can use these door knobs to create a glamorous look that will complement the glass bottles. The subtle colours like clear silver, clear golden, black silver, and more make it apt to use in vanity for washrooms too. Nevertheless, you can use these drawer knobs in hotels to give a rather royal look. In offices, you can use glass knobs to provide an attractive outlook and make the ambience soothing for the eyes. In schools, one can use the glass tube door knobs in the cabinets provided in auditoriums, classrooms, administration offices, games rooms, and other such places. The work that a modern door handle does can be taken care of by knobs. So to give a new outlook you can replace your drawer handles and glass door handles with glass knobs or any other knobs.