Glass Handles

Glass is a kind of material with a unique, sophisticated and aesthetic look that is not just hard to match but also eye catching. It is said that when the World War I broke out, there arose a shortage of materials which were otherwise used for hardware such as iron and bronze. So, craftsmen and hardware manufacturers began to explore the suitability of glass in creating the basic hardware essential for households. This marked the beginning of glass knobs, handles and pulls.

In ancient times, craftsmen used to make pressed carvings and patterns with the help of some metal such as iron and bronze. These cast metal molds were then filled with hot liquid glass or other ceramic materials for the shimmery effect of crystal like glass. This was a period nearly 102 years ago.

Moving forward to today, this old age craftsmanship and artistry has been taken over by modern day glassmaking methods. Apart from pressing molten glass into molds of different kinds, these days there is also machine cut glass, which is used in the manufacturing of different kinds of decorative glass hardware.

Indianshelf’s selection of glass cabinet handles and pulls have been created with state-of-the-art cutting edge techniques while preserving the traditional glassmaking art of rural villages. While the spindles have been formed with glass materials, the bolt caps and plates have been brushstroked in classic finishes of silver, gold, brass and bronze. The spindles in the multifaceted glass handles have been created with colored glass molded and pressed into different textures in the spindle of the handle.

From sleek bar pulls coming in shade of milk white to multifaceted glass coming in different colours, we have a huge variety available. Choose from an exciting variety of shapes including bar, stick, scalloped, hexagonal, octagonal, fluted, hourglass, wedge and melon.


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