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A lot can happen over a cup of tea. Tea as a beverage has been trendy since ancient times. The health benefits of tea are many, as are the many different varieties available in the market. Fans of the drink invest not only in the flavoured leaves themselves but also in the complementary accessories that come with a high-quality tea set. While cups and saucers are given special attention in every outlet, tea coasters for cups are often overlooked.

Most of the population is unaware of the wide range of choices that one can avail themselves of with us, especially if you order handmade tea coasters online. Like every other commodity, the present-day range of product options has made several options available to the customers, such as a Coaster set of 6 and a Coaster set of 4, and every choice is as lucrative as the others.

The suitable tea coaster set available with us can help you make the atmosphere and the ambience in a jiffy. If the colours clash or the material of the teacup coaster does not sit right with the crockery, the essence can be disrupted.

This is why selecting teacup coasters for the dining table that blend perfectly with the furnishing and the serving tray is of utmost necessity. As mentioned earlier, various possible alternatives can be chosen depending on the aesthetics you are aiming for. Some of the broader categories are mentioned :

Handmade Woolen Tea Coasters

These handmade tea coasters knitted from wool come in various colours. These crochet tea coasters with us are available in bright shades like red, green, blue, and yellow pink. You can choose either the lighter tones of each colour or the darker ones, as you desire.

Similarly, the shapes vary too. The woollen coaters are either square or are made round with frills. All colours come in both shapes and set of Coaster sets of 6 or Coaster set of 4. Based on the tea trays being used, the shape and colour of the coasters should be chosen to complement the set. 

Wooden Coasters

This tea coaster is manufactured from high-quality wood. Artisans who work in woods have skillfully mastered making intricate and detailed patterns on coasters for cups. These handmade tea coasters can enhance the tea set arrangement and take it to a different level when used with discretion.

Resin Coasters

Resin coasters are derived and formulated from wood and resins to give decorative and functional pieces that protect the surfaces of coffee and dining table from spills and stains. These handmade tea coasters are elegant pieces available in varied designs, shapes and shapes, especially in Coaster sets of 6 and Coaster sets of 4. Moreover, these coasters for cups provide a stable surface that restricts any spillage and stains while having an elevated aesthetic appeal.

Marble Coasters

This type is essentially a handmade coaster derived from marble. The marble coasters for the cup include various colour schemes that range from multicoloured stone coasters to solid ones. Made from marble, pick a Coaster set of 6 or a coaster set of 4 to add an ethereal and delicate charm. The marble coasters come in pink, turquoise blue, and emerald green shades, with some having more than a single dominant colour palette.

Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic coasters are specially derived from ceramic, providing durability while adding to visual appeal and functionality. These handmade tea coasters are available in varied colours, shapes, sizes, and tea coaster sets that you can include in your kitchen and dining spaces.

Drinking tea is not only about the infused flavours bursting inside your mouth and a feeling of freshness. The more enthusiastic an individual is about the beverage, the more time and effort put into cultivating this tea-drinking culture.

Just like coffee is the go-to option for many, the caffeine in the tea also rejuvenates the body and mind with lesser side effects. Especially the aristocrats in the eastern hemisphere had made the beverage even more popular. 

Along with all these funs and refreshments, it is also necessary to protect your tables, sofas, and dining spaces from ugly stain marks and spillage, and barriers to these problems are coasters. Therefore, get the perfect coasters for your dining table today to enhance your tea experience and the aesthetic appeal of spaces.

A coaster is made up of glass, wood, cloth, or stone, usually to place tea, coffee, water, and other beverages. Coaster sets help to protect the surfaces of tables, couches, and other surfaces from ugly stains left by hot and cold drinks adding to the life of coffee and dining tables. Moreover, these functional items also help add to the aesthetic of spaces if you invest in quality and premium coasters.

What is The Purpose of Coasters?

Coasters are highly versatile accessories for houses and spaces that act as functional as well as decorative pieces.

Here are some of the major purposes of coasters that you can add to your day-to-day use -

  • Drink coasters protect against ugly marks on tables left due to the vapourisation and cooling of coffee and tea.
  • The heat and cold of any beverage can deteriorate the life of wood; thus, Coasters for tea cups can be used as a barrier between wood and coffee mugs to protect your coffee tables and dining tables.
  • Premium handmade coasters have stunning designs, are textured distinctively, and thus can be used as home decor.
  • Table Coasters can also be a showpiece that can be part of your home interiors.

Which Shapes of Coasters Are Available With Us?

At IndianShelf, Coasters are available in various shapes and sizes. These shapes range from circular, square, hexagonal, wheel-shaped, square with curved corners and abstract shapes.

A simple guide to Choosing Coasters

An easy way to choose coasters is based on their use or based on your home interiors.

Based on Use

You can choose coasters based on where you want to place them. Is it on coffee tables or dining tables or as a showpiece? The colour and texture should be aligned with the texture and design of tables, while the sizes of coasters can be defined by cup or mug sizes. However, you can choose coasters for showpieces based on the alignment of your taste and decoration.

Based on Home Interiors

You can choose coasters based on house interiors to complement the beauty of your house. We suggest investing in high-quality coasters made of premium and sturdy materials.

Are Coasters Important?

Coasters are highly functional and useful accessories that can be important for the life of your wooden coffee tables while protecting other surfaces from stain marks left by beverages. Thus, coasters are really important.

Why are Drink Coasters called Coasters?

Coasters were made for wine or decanter initially, but as time passed by, around mid-1700, they became popular, usually called coasters from that time.

How are Coasters Made?

Coasters are made from different materials, mainly wood, wool, glass, marble, ceramic and resin. Designer coasters are usually manufactured while keeping certain textures in mind where the material is cut and filling is done to reach the end product. Moreover, finishing touches and polishing are also done to give a refined look.

Why do Tea Coasters Stick to Cups?

Water, coffee and sugar make a sticky paste and overflow or spill from mugs placed on coasters are responsible for sticking of cups. To avoid sticking, prevent spillage and clean the base of the cup after pouring beverages into it.

How Thick do Coasters need to be?

There is no hard and fast rule for the thickness of coasters, but try Coasters for cold drinks and Coasters for hot beverages thick enough to stabilise drinks.


Coasters are highly functional and versatile decorative pieces that serve various purposes, which are -

Protect sheets, sofas, tables, dining area and kitchen slabs from ugly stain marks and droplets from condensation through teacups that come in contact with surfaces.

Coasters provide a solid and stable base to place cups and mugs to prevent any spillage of tea and coffee.

These utility pieces can also be an elegant pieces of decoration when coasters picked with the resonance of trays, table surfaces, and house interiors can add a touch of magic and sophistication to the house.

Overall, coasters aid in maintaining the life of wood, tables and surfaces while supplementing to aesthetics and visual appeal of surfaces.