A lot can happen over a cup of tea. Tea as a beverage has been supremely popular since ancient times. The health benefits of tea are many as are the many different varieties available in the market. Connoisseurs of the drink not only invest in the flavored leaves themselves but also in the complementary accessories that come with a high-quality tea set. While cups and saucers are given special attention in every single outlet, tea coasters are often overlooked.

A majority of the population is unaware of the wide range of choices that one can avail themselves of with us, especially if you are ordering tea coasters online. Like every other commodity, the present-day range of product options have made several different options available to the customers and every choice is as lucrative as the others.

The right tea coaster set available with us can help you make or break the atmosphere and the ambiance in a jiffy. If the colors clash or the material of the teacup coaster does not sit right with the crockery, the very essence can be disrupted.

This is why selecting the teacup coasters that blend in perfectly with the furnishing as well the service tray is of utmost necessity. Now as mentioned earlier, a variety of possible alternatives can be chosen depending on the aesthetics that you are aiming for. Some of the broader categories are mentioned as follows:


The handmade, knitted coasters come in an extensive spectrum of colors. These crochet tea coasters with us are available in bright shades like red, green, blue, and yellow pink. You can choose either the lighter tones of each color or the darker ones, as per your desire.

Similarly, the shapes vary too. The woolen coaters are either square in shape or are made round with frills. All colors come in both shapes. Based on the tea wagon that is being used, the shape and color of the coaters should be chosen to complement the set. The prices start at five hundred and fifty rupees for every pack of six.


This type is essentially made of stone. The agate series includes a variety of different color schemes that start from multicolored stone coaters to solid ones. Made from natural stones, a pack of four is estimated to be around one thousand and two hundred rupees each. Due to the raw materials used, these teacup coasters add an ethereal and delicate charm. The agate coasters come in pink, turquoise blue, and emerald green shades with some having more than a single dominant color palette.


This variety is made of metal. Artisans who work on dokhra have skillfully mastered the art over a while to make very intricate and detailed patterns or pieces of jewellery and accessorizing elements. Dokhra coasters are a rare find. These tea coasters can enhance the tea set arrangement and take it to a whole different level when used with discretion.

Drinking tea is not only about the infused flavors bursting inside your mouth and a feeling of freshness. The more enthusiastic an individual is about the beverage, the more time and effort are put into the art of cultivating this tea-drinking culture.

Just like coffee is the go-to option for many, the caffeine in the tea also rejuvenates the body and mind with lesser side effects. Especially the aristocrats in the eastern hemisphere had made the beverage even more popular. Therefore if you are interested in enhancing your tea experience, get your perfect coasters today.

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