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Brass Peacock Oil Lamp

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If you want to choose a gift for presenting at a wedding, the best choice could be the designer bronze oil lamps. It is in many shapes and sizes, with artistic looks, with one for your liking and fitting your budget to impress the bride or groom. Lamps giving light to remove the darkness are one symbol of hope for all. And that too with traditional and contemporary styled bronze oil lamps could lift the spirits for anyone. 

Humans use oil lamps from time unknown, from lighting caves to modern homes today. A stone oil lamp found in a cave in Lascaux, in France, is the oldest used only 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. In the Hindu religion, lighting bronze oil lamps every day is a custom followed in most Hindu homes. Hence, buy beautiful bronze oil lamps today to make your family happy.   

Bronze oil lamps are not only auspicious with spiritual values to be lit only in the homes. 

Hindus lit the bronze oil lamps in many offices and shops across India and even in foreign countries before doing work and business. They believe that the lamp\'s holy light will chase away all evil spirits from the office for it to grow. Hence, the best gift for you to give your friends and relative could be the aesthetic bronze lamps if you are going abroad.  

Deepavali is the festival of lights celebrated across India and in many countries abroad. Even in the White House, the US president\'s official residence celebrates Deepavali lighting lamps every year. It is during the Deepavali time people buy more oil lamps for use at home, offices, factories, and other places. Hence, you need to buy one to make the Deepavali special for the family and the guests\' envy.     

Bronze oil lamps are not just any other oil lamp but with the best designs of both spiritual and natural wonders. There are well-crafted lamps as Hindu Gods, and most parts of India have a specific God form to use in their homes. Also, there are many lamps with the shape of flowers, birds like peacocks, ducks, and others to make you buy them for their beautiful looks.

Hence it is time for you to buy bronze oil lamps to lift your family\'s spirit and eliminate the evil spirits from your home or office. And it is the best choice for giving as gifts not only in marriages but even while visiting friends and relatives.

Hanging brass lamps online available in endless no. of designs, you can choose between vintage style, modern style and the contemporary style. This type of lamps are both used for wall decoration and hanging on ceiling as well. If you thinking of giving a vintage or classical touch to your overall décor of your house than hanging brass lamps is the best choice you should make. This type of lamps usually comes with glass around the bulb which comes in multiple colour options.


Are oil lamps safer than Candles??

There is a clear difference between the candle and oil lamp, yet the latter is much safer. It is observed that the top of the line oil lamps are much safer than the conventional ones and as a result, safety concern is lower than a candle when the position of the flame gets lower or the issues that may cause when the candle burns down. Moreover, using an oil lamp can be an affordable price option as the same can be reused, unlike the wax candles that are effective for one-time use only. The expensive the lamps, the better is the quality of the same in the long run. A good lamp will cost you negligible in comparison to the candles.

Are oil lamps better than Candles??

Oil lamps are better than candles. As per the ancient Hindu myth, burning oil lamps can have the best results as it helps in cleaning the air. These are undoubtedly elegant and authentic and genuinely traditional that can instantly boost the overall outcomes on a festive day. Moreover, you can increase and decrease the amount of oil inside the lamp to attain control over the lamp and its flame. The same can never happen in a candle. The latter tends to dance and flicker and cannot give as much steady light as the oil lamp and thus can be a cause of injury on a windy day.

Are oil lamps safe to use indoors??

Oils like mustard, clarified butter and sesame seeds are best for indoor use. Similarly, these lamps are safe to use indoors but with precautions. For instance - • Keep out of the reach of children and pets where they may accidentally knock these down and cause damage. • Avoid colourful oils as these spoils the wick • Always moisten the wick using oil before use • Use old-style wicks that have cut on one end and rounded on the other. • Remove the cover of the lamp and then add oil. Never overfill the same as the same can lead to damage • The flame comes in direct contact with the above oil spill, it will lead to major accidents.

Where to buy oil lamps??

You can buy the best quality oil lamps both online and offline. Although, wax lamps are easy to find offline yet getting the authentic Indian earthen lamps from the right sources can be a tough call. For instance - mustard oil is an important choice to light the lamp especially if you are using authentic earthen lamps bought from the online store. Using mustard oil to light up the area is a good idea as the same is pocket friendly and removes doshas related to Saturn. Finding the right oil lamp to decorate the home is an important aspect of your needs.

Who invented oil lamps??

The first description of using a simple lamp using crude oil was provided by the Persian alchemist al-Razi. The same was used in 9th century Baghdad and he referred to the same as Naffatah. He wrote this description in the Book of secrets. In 1846, Abraham Pineo Gesner invented the substitute for whale oil using distilled alternatives from coal. It is important to understand that the use of curved lamp begun in as early as the 10 millennium BC in the middle stone age. The oldest stone oil lamp was found in Lascaux in a cave that was 10k to 15K years old.

Why use oil lamps??

Hinduism and faiths of the world recommend the use of the lamps and lights. The same symbolises the absence of darkness and grief. The lighting of an oil lamp or deepam means that you have sought divine intervention and as a result, you bow down to knowledge to remove darkness from the homes. It is customary to light lamp before starting any of the auspicious or ceremony and is one of the constant features of the Indian Pooja. By lighting lamps, the glow of the Almighty is spread to all areas of the home. It is believed that the vibration that emerges from the same will work as vastu protection that restores the lost peace.

Which oil is used in Deepavali lamps??

For the best results for your Deepawali needs, you need to have Pancha Deepam oil that is the combination of five oils. Lighting up the Panch deepam oil means that you have nullified all forms of evil and bought knowledge, health and prosperity in the home. Using the right combination and mixture of the Panch deepam oil ensures that the purity and sanctity of the prayer are protected. Each of these oils has its own unique significance and is known to bring in happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. The same has - • Sesame oil or coconut oil • Cow ghee • Mahua oil • Neem oil • Castor oil

Which oil is used in Diwali lamps??

Mustard oil or sesame oil is used to light up the Diwali lamp as it helps to nullify the effect of evil spirits. It also helps to boost knowledge and prosperity in the home. As a result, using sesame oil for burning diyas has a great deal of importance in Hindu culture. Moreover, if you wish to receive the best results, the right choice can include pure coconut oil. However, while using the same, avoid placing the same in the south direction as the same is considered as the direction of Lord Yama. So, due care must be given to the kind of oil that you have used and the ideal way to light up the same.