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While water fountains have been in existence since the medieval period, contemporary water fountains are in trend nowadays. Consequently, the modern water fountain can be used to add serenity and elegance to your garden's décor. The Romans used the strategy of using water pressure from close-by rivers for engineering water fountains. However, today's water fountains used for commercial and home gardens rely on their personal reservoirs and electricity.

The personalized water fountain comes in two variants, namely reservoir fountains and tabletop fountains. The majority of home fountain structures feature a personal reservoir for easing out the process of installation. For holding water, the home fountain structures use a pool known as a "tank." Inside the reservoir, the water pump has been enabled to ensure that it is pumping throughout the water fountain. Consequently, this makes the water flow throughout the water fountain.

Additionally, the pump continuously forces water in an upward direction. It can create a cascading effect within the lower basin. Next, the pump utilizes the tubes and water pressure to bring back the water within the reservoir.

However, the number of pumps and reservoirs within a fountain can differ, respectively. At this moment, the outdoor fountains are made up of numerous basins. For propagating the dynamic flow of water, extra tubes are used for making the water flow in different directions. Floor and Wall fountains work by following a simple pattern that consists of two basins. The rate valve is used to determine the rate at which the water is flowing. A few fountains come with adjustable valves for modifying the flow of water. Subsequently, for creating soothing sounds, you can adjust the rate of flow to a trickle. To match your preferences, you can increase the flow rate for observing a rapid flow. If you are driven towards eco-friendly water fountains, you can choose water fountains with pre-installed valves.

On the other hand, you can choose a tabletop fountain. The tabletop fountain function resembles a reservoir fountain. However, the tabletop fountain works on a small scale. These differ as per varying capacities. If you are looking to add serenity to your office space, apartment balcony, or bedrooms, you can choose a tabletop fountain. Additionally, tabletop fountains are easy to maintain and assemble. Therefore, they are in huge demand in the contemporary world.

However, you need to follow certain instructions to ensure the proper functioning of the water fountain. It would help if you placed the water fountain in the sunlight to prevent algae growth. Additionally, it would help if you cleaned your water fountain with a sleek brush frequently.


It is important to keep your fountain clean and ensure that the sink and the walls remain clean and clear. Use a bucket of water and a sponge to clean its insides. Use a mild soap or a product such as a CLR on the inside to remove any form of build-up.
Similarly, you can use white vinegar along with bristle brush designed to clean away tough forms of algae. The vinegar does not damage the fountain, and this can remove any stains and discolouration. Use pipe cleaners to clean up algae out of the hole that water comes from. You can also use white vinegar along with water to get rid of the scale formation.

An early example of the water fountain is observed at Mesopotamia and dates to 3000 BC. It consists of a series of basins that in turn used the capacity of the single natural spring. A similar situation is observed in Greek tradition where mechanical fountains became familiar during the 15th century in Italy.
The drinking fountain of the present times was developed in early 1900 by Hasley Taylor and Luther Haws. Their team was pioneers at developing a transformation regarding the way in which water dispensed through these in the public places. This gave rise to public drinking fountains around the world.

There are various places where you can install a water fountain. However, the best part about the same is that the water fountain must lie at the North direction of the home. Similarly, northeast and east are most compatible with these water elements. However, you must never choose the south, southeast, west zone of the house for the above purpose. For the best results, always keep your water fountain running.

If cared for properly, the pump of the same should last for one year. When cared for in the right way, it can last for 3 to 5 years. This is possible when you always opt to keep the same running.