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Bronze Sitting Buddha Statue

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Bronze Buddha Sitting Statue

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Brass Meditating Buddha Statue

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Brass Buddha Statue Deity Seated

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Brass Standing Buddha Statue

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Sitting Budha Plate Figure

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Brass Buddha (Ht-11 Inches)

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Brass Laughing Buddha Statue

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Brass Buddha (Ht-11 Inches)

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Bronze Buddha Statue

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Standing Buddha Brass Statue

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Brass Buddha Statue

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Big Happy Budha Sitting Position ...

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Brass Meditating Blessing Buddha ...

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Brass Multicolored Gemstone Buddh...

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Money Kuber Laughing Buddha Statu...

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Buddha Statue On Tortoiseshell

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A Historical Account Of Buddha Statue & Significance of Buddha Statues

You might have encountered the giant to little statues of Buddha installed everywhere from homes to gardens and obviously, temples. Often depicted in a calming posture and a meditative sitting, Buddha is considered as one of the greatest religious and spiritual figures in the history of the world. So, let’s take a quick go-through.

A Quick Introduction of Buddha Statue

Who doesn’t know Buddha? Born in the Lumbini province of Nepal, Buddha was an enlightened individual who gave birth to a religion called Buddhism around 500 million years ago. Many people also believe that Buddha is an incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. Sitting under a fig tree, he awakened into enlightenment.

With over thousands of millions of followers, Buddhism is celebrated among people throughout the world. A large number of Buddhist temples and monasteries have been created to teach and practice exquisite meditations and religious understandings.

Many famous personalities as well as great men have turned into Buddhist monks, dedicating their lives to practicing the teachings of Buddha

Carving of Buddha’s Statues

Amidst all this, it is believed that just by having a carving of Buddha’s statue in a place can turn around the energy of the place. In lieu of this, there have been thousands of Buddha statues constructed throughout the world including regions of Afghanistan, Sarnath, China, Bhutan, Laos, South East Asia etc. 

The tallest statue of Buddha in the world today is situated in Pattaya region of Thailand. Other famous carvings of Buddha include the Tian Tan Buddha sculpted in bronze in Hong Kong, the yellow golden Monywa Buddha located on Myanmar’s hilltops, the Reclining Buddha of Thailand, and many, many more. 

A Huge Variety of Decorative Buddha Statues Online & Offline

Also, these days, you’ll find plenty of stores selling oodles of kinds of Buddha statues online. From brass to bronze, from silver to marble, from clay to granite, several materials are being used to carve the Buddhist figurines and silhouettes.

In fact, the poses and postures of Buddha make a great inspiration for artists, painters and craftsmen alike to create their next piece.

Here at Indianshelf, we bring to you a wide range of Buddha statues, sculptures, carvings and representations. From brass Buddhas with patina coating to Tibetian style Buddha wall hanging, from sitting Buddha in a blessing posture to the laughing Buddha featuring various expressions, we got it all covered! 

Using A Buddha Statue for Home Decoration

The placement of Buddha statues, representations or decorations in a home is said to have great benefits as also confirmed by the science of Feng Shui & Vaastu. It is said that placing a Buddha statue in a house offers the home with a positive energy as well as a serene ambience to stay and relax.

It is also said that a Buddha statue placed facing the entrance doorway of a place can waive off the negative energy from the home, thus, keeping the home space blooming with peace and happiness.

Apart from this, the statue or sculptures of Buddha are said to imbibe a soothing yet concentrated mood to the surroundings, hence making a wonderful addition to one’s office desk, study table or bedside shelf.

There are several ways you can bring a Buddha decoration in your home, office or space. As an example, here are some of the common ways.

Seated Buddha Surrounded by Candles

Using a Buddha statue as a decorative centrepiece is a good idea. Surrounding it with a handful of rustic, scented or balmy candles is just the perfect thing.

The relaxing aura of candles combined by the positive energy of Buddha instils a living space with a Zen-like feeling, which is unsurpassable.  Make this setting in your living room, garden, roofed terrace or lobby for an exotic, refreshing feel.

Buddha on Lotus Sculptures

You’ll often find that the sculptures and statues of Buddha feature Buddha sitting on a base made of lotuses or flower petals, perhaps under a tree. To place a statue like this in your house, consider a large or wide area, preferably above the height of the table or atop some stage or raised area.

A Giant Golden Laughing Buddha

A laughing Buddha doesn’t just imbibe peace and joyfulness in a space but also plenty of cheerfulness and playfulness, which is often a requirement in the life of grown-ups.

Well, bringing an accessory, ornament or statue made in the form of a laughing Buddha is also a great way to relive stress and shake off the entire tiredness of the day. Apart from the usual places, some great ideas for placing a laughing Buddha in your kitchen, near the brunch table, in your bedroom or even your garden.

Buddha Head Sculptures For Glass Cabinets

If your home features a narrower décor area, use the cabinet and cupboard areas to place Buddha statues instead. Ideally a glass made cabinet is the best place so that the statue or sculpture can be seen in its full form. This might be a bookshelf, a lesser-used kitchen cabinet, a stand-alone cupboard in your living room. 

Apart from these, there are lots of designs, themes and decorations you can think of while purchasing a Buddha carving for your home.  In addition to statues and sculptures, you can consider Buddha wall hangings, Buddha fountains or even Buddha lighting. So, it’s all yours to meditate on now!

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Buddhist celebrate the birth of Gautama Buddha on April 8. He was the founder of the religion and had lived in India from 563 B.C. to 483 B.C.
It is also believed that Lord Buddha was born in 623 B.C. in Lumbini that later became the most significant site for pilgrimage. The place is located at Terai plains of Nepal and is testified by various religious and commemorative stuff. The place happens to be one of the holiest places in the world and is one of the most important aspects of the growth of pilgrimage since the 3rd century B.C. Among the major followers, emperor Ashoka was known to erect commemorative pillars on the place stating the birth of the Lord. The same is made of sandstone and has pali inscription in Brahmi script.

Purnima signifies that day of the full moon in Sanskrit. This is one of the most significant occasions for Buddhists around the world as they believe that on this day -
• Buddha took birth
• He attained knowledge and enlightenment
• His death or attainment of para-Nirvana.

Thus, the festival is called the thrice-blessed festival. Therefore, in India, the day is celebrated by paying a visit to common viharas as the Buddhists observe along and full-length sutra. Buddhism plays a vital focus in the achievement of the path taken up by Lord Buddha to attain enlightenment and salvation.

Across sacred sites like Bodhgaya or Sarnath, the celebrations are widespread. Similarly, the day is well celebrated in Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and North Bengal areas.

Laughing Buddha is confused with Gautama Buddha yet there is no harm in placing either of these at home. Rather, both bring prosperity and positive energy to the home. For placing these adorable idols, the east direction is the best. This site brings luck for home and family along with happiness and joy. Therefore, it is not merely about health and wellness but also prosperity to the family.

However, if you are facing a lot of internal strife and problems with the family or have feuds then a Buddha with a sack is the best one. Not only does it take away your sadness but also helps to boost good fortune and positive energy. You can also seek out the monk with beads that signifies pearls of wisdom and meditation practices. His ball symbolizes wealth and prosperity for the family.

The Laughing Buddha is known to bring in money, prosperity, contentment, and abundance in life. It also depicts the plentiful of whatever you want to achieve - wealth, health, prosperity, or satisfaction. He is always depicted as a stout or potbelly stomach and is called as celestial Buddha or Hotei or Pu-Tai. This appearance is attributed to the Buddhist monk that lived many thousand years ago and the protruding stomach and laughing demeanour earned him this title.
Although, it is a symbol of Feng-shui yet the same has a huge significance in our lives. Most of us can strongly believe that keeping the same in a particular direction can bring in the best results. Thus, before making a purchase, it is recommended to research the ideal direction for the same to achieve wealth and prosperity.

If you wish to gift to a friend or unsure about which form of Buddha statue is right for your home then laughing Buddha is the best choice for you. It is believed that the same brings happiness and prosperity to wherever it is placed.
However, if you wish to bring in a Buddha statue then always ensure that it faces the entrance of the home. Using the statue of Buddha with one hand raised and, in a blessing, the gesture means protection against negativity and danger. It also signifies the strength to overcome fear to be placed at peace with self. This helps us to overcome the fear that may cause restrictions in life. You can opt to place these at the main entrance of the home. It helps to ward off disruptive elements and ward off evil.

The young Siddhartha was a sensitive young man who was brought up in the lap of luxury. He was also the most favourite child of his parents and was never exposed to the cruel ways of the world.

Then at the age of 29 years, he became aware of disease and sufferings in the world on a ride with his charioteer. Then he went back home and decided that he needed to meditate. This was his transformation from a pampered child to a learned man.

Gautama Buddha spent six long years of his life practising meditation and asceticism. He did yogic training and then abandoned the way of self-mortification to focus on mindful meditation. Subsequently, at the age of 35, he is revealed as The Buddha, The enlightened one, or The Tathagata.