Green Daisy Knob

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Daisy Knobs

The word ‘daisy’ refers to ‘day’s eyes’ which is why the flower opens its petals during the day and closes them during the night. Furthermore, in various traditions, the flower symbolizes purity, innocence, birth, new beginnings and renewal. For the similar reasons, people like to grow daisies in their gardens. New mothers, brides and babies are gifted with baskets of daisies. In Celtic culture, there are many tales which mention daisies.

You too can sprinkle your home with a fresh start of this kind by decorating it with our daisy knobs. Each of these knobs has been handcrafted by top-spot Indian artisans with the help of glass materials featuring high quality.

Hand-finished and molded in clear glass, these glass knobs are mounted on respective silver painted spindle screws. The spindle further carries a mounting bolt and concave edged appearance.

At the handle-containing base of the screw stem, there is a daisy shaped flower as the door knob. Consisting of several little flower petals known as florets, the composite flower knob is shaped like a bell. The central tip of the screw tail is further covered with the disk floret of the daisy, acting like the faceplate of the glass knob. The glass in this central disk features contrasting colour.

In these glass knobs by Indianshelf, the metalwork has been rolled over and blended with glasswork which offers additional durability. The best part is, even though a typical flower of daisy lives at most for two years, this knob will last way, way longer; several years to begin with. The bonus, glass is the most delicate and fragile of materials, it is also one of the longest lasting ones. Thus, making your home decorations somewhere near to ‘timeless’.

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