Aeroplane Flat Knob

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Racer Bike Cabinet Flat Knob

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Ship Flat Knob (1)

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Train Flat Knob

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Jeep Flat Knob

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Car Flat Knob

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Bus Flat Knob

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Bullock Cart Flat Knob

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Bike Flat Knob

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Bicycle Flat Knob

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Ship Flat Knob

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Ceramic Vehicular Knobs

Let’s say, we are going back to the Neolithic age visiting right into an ancient pottery village. Do you know what you’ll find here?

Magnificent potteryware created with a delicious blend of animal fat and bone china along with assortments of clay materials including ceramic.

Figurines of human bodies, sculpted animals, cartwheels and what not. What a fine, mellow satin finish they feature, sometimes beaded edges too.

In the same way, these vehicular knobs by Indianshelf have been designed to take your decorative setting to places.

Glazed and handpainted in designs which are inspired by the theme of vehicles, these knobs are reminiscent of hardware in a mid-century style hut house in a modern contemporary setting.

Made on ceramic potter’s wheel, these door knobs are great if you are looking for accessories to add bursts and hits of colours to your home.

There are myriad of designs available in this selection. If you are wondering where to start, check the knobs with train motifs. They don’t make choo-choo sounds.

Or you might like the not-so-whistles boat, a swishy ship in the sea, a vrooming motorbike or a whooshing airplane.

Oh, and there are also buses, cars, jeeps, bullock carts and bicycles to choose from. Plenty of motifs out there!

So, pedal push your cart’s wheels and add these interesting knob pieces to your bedside stand drawer or lobby cabinets or garage walls or pretty much anywhere you like. They will also look wonderful in your kid’s room.

To check out more such crafty knobs, here is a selection of ceramic vintage style knobs.