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Glass Dotted Knobs

Dots is a subtle kind of design pattern which exudes retro style and bubbly fashion. Not too cheesy not too plain, these dotted patterns are great if you are interested in getting your home studded with some colour and geometry side by side.

These glass knobs by Indianshelf are painted in colourful splotches of dots while retaining their glassy appearance. Just like the floral style knobs, these knobs are wonderful accessories to give little bursts of colour to your home, bath and kitchen decorations.

Featuring a boutique style appeal, these multicoloured egg shaped knobs come with a high tensile strength and a mounting bolt which can be trimmed easily. Even if you think that too many colours are bit over the top, you can team them up on the plain pastel-painted door of a cabinet, bedside drawers or as the towel hooks in your bath. They are aptly ideal for vintage décor love as much as for the contemporary settings.

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