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Gajalakshmi Vilakku Oil Lamp

Artistic Brass Laxmi Lamp

Artistic Brass Laxmi Lamp

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The Southern States of India are known to place a lot of significance on extensive prayers, worship, rituals, and ceremonies that help in invoking divine deities. Gajalakshmi Oil lamp is one of the commonest household lamps used in South India for worshipping deities. The word Gajalakshmi is made up of two words, “Gaja” meaning elephant and Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. The highlight of this lamp is its impressive backdrop. Here, Goddess Laxmi is flanked by gigantic elephants on either side of the Goddess.

Oil Receptacle

This Gajalakshmi Oil lamp is basically a lovely looking, impressive oil receptacle. The backplate of this stunning diya is framed by prabhavali. This is topped by Kiritmukha. This lamp is a fine object of prayers and worshipping the deities. It is available in just the way deities of South India are framed.

The lamp has two attendants at Prabhavali’s base holding a lamp. There are multiple layers at the base decorated with lovely beads. The lamp looks simply spectacular and add spirituality to the area where it is placed.

The lamp has another interesting feature which is a Gajalakshmi figure perched at the back of Gajalakshmi Oil Diya. This unusual detailing adds to the aesthetic appearance of the lamp.

Ritual Gajalakshmi Oil Lamps

This Gajalakshmi Oil Diya is lit twice in a day. The morning prayer begins with lighting the lamp and starting the ritual worship. The second time, it is lit in the evening when devotees invoke Goddess Laxmi to bless them and shower her blessings on them.


The Gajalakshmi Oil lamp is considered as a vehicle or a carrier through which devotees access the divine. These lamps are predominantly used in temple, spiritual, and religious settings and considered as necessary for the propitiating the Gods. Many festivals are incomplete without these Gajalakshmi Oil lamps.

It plays a vital role in allowing the faithful Hindu devotees to focus on the nature and image of the divine deity. In many Hinduism practicing devotees’ homes, this lamp is found in their homes or prayer areas and used for aarti ritual. This lamp helps the devotees seek blessings from the Lord Almighty.

This lamp changes its form depending on the religious ceremony where it is used. The significance of this Gajalakshmi Oil Diya lies in the fact that it carries divine light. The light preserved in this lamp signifies the presence of the deity.

Aesthetic Value

This Gajalakshmi Oil lamp also has immense aesthetic lamp. Available at many online and offline stores, it is an epitome of artistic luxury. Many people buy these lamps as a religious and décor object. It is majorly bought by those who love collecting collectibles, exquisite pieces of art, artefacts, home décor objects and more.