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The best vintage Milk Container for your home decor

Milk cans or milk pails, or dairy cans form the three major varieties offered by the store for online sale. These cans trace their origin to 6,000 years ago and domestication of the milch cattle. It is a clear understanding that with the rise of the cattle population in India, the demand for these products saw an immediate spurt. However, with urbanization, these cans went out of business.

The Milk Container or cans were designed to hold the dairy and use it for transportation. These products have transformed into a collector's edition instead of being a mainstream product.

Vintage yet unconventional Milk Containers

India has a rich association with dairy products and Milk Container. The nation has a rich legacy of excellence in designing these containers using high-end craftsmanship and metals like brass.

The most notable feature of a milk can is that these have a wide bottom that quickly narrows at the top. This design was functional and aesthetic as it gave a specific identity to the cans and the narrow top helped the milk from sloshing from the lid's cap.

These distinct qualities are imbibed into our products by the leading craftsmen who understand the local environment and lay the same out on high-end metals like copper, brass, and steel. These containers also carry the reinforced bottoms around the rims (as available in the original ones) and, as a result, are functional and practical. By using a counterclockwise motion on the bottom rim, the need to lift these containers is eliminated.

This unique design of the Milk Container traced its origins to 18 century England when women used to transport fresh milk from the cows to customers instead of the bigger versions that were designed later for use on railroads. It meant that milkmaids could carry unlidded pails on the ends of the yolks. These vintage cans were heavy-duty equipment, and each one weighed 100 pounds.

The larger cans came into being in the early 19 century and could be transported in large numbers by men using milk carts. These were quickly replaced by dairy utensils that were extremely wide at the bottom and could compensate for the demands for rail transport.

Finding the best Milk Container for home decor

Today vintage Milk Container can be found at limited stores and that too at an exorbitant price tag. To make these affordable, our store uses the best technology and craftsmanship to ensure that you have the perfect products for your home decor. With these containers, you can easily turn creative, and craft objects like - quirky garden decor, tables, lamps, canvas, etc. You can also use these for painting by taking inspiration from Dutch folk art and design ideas.

These containers are both functional and inspiring. The demand for our containers has drawn the fascination of top Milk Container collectors, and as a result, these are a quick bestseller in both local and international markets.

What makes the Milk Containers the best buys?

The artistic rendition of the traditional Milk Container means that the same is one of the most durable and long-lasting products. For a large number of Indians, it brings in memories from their earlier childhood and nostalgia. Although many traditional containers have been upcycled for a long time, our containers bring in functionality, durability, old-world charm, and flair to the house.

You can use these sturdy and well-crafted products for a wide range of ideas and opportunities. For instance, a Milk Container can be used as a letterbox, umbrella holder, lamp stand, tables, planters, pots, etc. These are perfect choices for your outdoor spaces and can be used as standalone decor elements, seats, garden rollers, bread bins, etc. If you wish to display your home address in a tell-all way, then convert this product into a house sign that proudly states your house number!

Milk containers date back thousands of years and bring out the close association between humans and animals, especially in the context of Indian homes, whereby the animals got appropriate attention and consideration. Though these were designed using clay, leather, copper, steel, aluminium, etc., the designs have remained practically unchanged for a long time.

The most sophisticated designs take inspiration from Rajasthan, whereby the womenfolk used a large number of brass milk containers to transport milk to the customers. As a result, you can easily get the perfect Milk Container for your needs and achieve the perfect home decor. You can also use these for adding a quirky spot to your boring interior decorations.