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Brass Indian Dhokra Horse and Rid...

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Brass Tribal Lady with a Pot

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Brass Dhokra Horse Figurine With ...

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Dancing Lady Playing Dholak Brass...

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Tribal Camel on Rolling wheels

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Brass Dhokra Measuring Bowl

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Brass Hippopotamus Statue with Ri...

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Brass Statue Man Tribal Face

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Brass Dhokra Camel Animal Statue

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Brass Dhokra Horse Animal Statue

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Brass Dhokra Animal Statue

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Why choose Bastar Art for your home decor needs?

The modest and outlying area of Chhattisgarh, Bastar is home to very distinct ethnic populations in tribes like - Gond, Maria, etc. These ethnic tribes comprise 70 percent of the region's population but remain hidden in dense forests, away from modern civilization's influence. However, once you reach this stunning community and understand their culture and traditions, you will be dazzled by their fantastic creative expressions regarding tribal craftsmanship and sheer artistic talent. The most famous of all crafts is that of the Gond tribe of Kondagaon and Jagdalpur. Their Bastar Art finds its way to modern society, even international media, travel enthusiasts, etc., who have discovered and boosted such artistic items'?

Delving deeper into the Bastar Art and its importance for your home decor projects

Originating from the remote and tribal areas of the nation, Bastar art has quickly gained fame and recognition around the world. The tribals have been protecting this art form from generation to generation and are made from locally procured products. These artisans use conventional tools to craft this, and the results can be found in the form of excellent woodwork, bamboo art, soil work, and even metal crafts. 

Investing in the Terracotta and Dokra art forms

The real beauty of this tribal art emerges from the fact that the crafts from these remote regions are made of natural resources found in the area. 

Bastar is also the site of iron mining, the people of the tribe design Dokra art with iron and its fragments. It is then used to make magnificent sculptures, statues, etc. These tribes are known to use and develop local technologies in the creation of these unique handicrafts. Some of the popular ones are 

  • Terracotta art form

The terracotta work from this region is fascinating. The same is made of the impressive quality of clay procured from the local Indravati River. The same is shaped into remarkable shapes and dried in the Sun to give the most beautiful art form you have ever seen. 

Most of the terracotta forms consist of - elephants, tigers, birds, etc. Some of the other tribal communities of the region also make decorative objects that comprise oil lamps, candlesticks, etc.

  • Dokra art form 


One of the most distinct forms of traditional Indian tribal art is the Dokra art form. It involves shaping and preparing metal objects into - 

  • beautiful sculptures, 
  • local religious deities 
  • mythological figures,  
  • home decorations, etc. 


Each piece is hand-made, using a tribal art form and small metal pipes inserted into the ends. Dhokra handicrafts are a traditional art form that is passed down from generation to generation. The metal crafts also use copper and tin alloy to depict Gods and Goddesses, vehicles, etc.

The bell metal crafts are tastefully created by these rural artisans using sheer skill and attention to detail. Having these art forms in your home decor can surely make a world of difference.

  • Wooden art


Bastar region is home to the finest quality trees like Sal, teak, etc., that are converted into exquisite wooden crafts. Since the same is carved to perfection, the locals and their stories come alive in your home. What's more, you can also buy artsy pieces and toys made from high-quality wood. 


Wooden art depicts the rich culture and heritage of the area. The art further represents local festivals, creatures, Gods and Goddesses, etc. Investing in these crafts means bringing the most popular ideas into the home. 


  • Bamboo artwork


The wilderness of the Bastar region has an abundance of bamboo. Locals intelligently use the same to craft artifacts, furniture items, etc. Not only is bamboo widely available but also sustainable.


The bamboo is used to craft beautiful chairs, living room furniture, mats, baskets, etc., which finds many buyers from local and international markets. The bamboo leaves are woven into baskets while the stem is chiseled to get items like fishing traps, hunting tools, lamps, etc. You can also buy their wall hangings that reflect the life in the region and their values.


Bastar art can be divided into the woodwork, bamboo art, soil art, metal art, etc. Wood artworks are used in the artworks to bring out the elements from the culture, festive season, metal arts. All this comes from the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh and all the art is influenced by beautiful forests, tribal culture, extravaganza and style. This art form is also popular for getting the most authentic outcomes for the right results.

It is known for authentic metal grade artwork that looks wonderful and awesome. The best part about these art forms is the same as the capacity to blend into any type of home decor.